Food3 Free Yogi Tea Samples: Yummy Tea for All Occasions

3 Free Yogi Tea Samples: Yummy Tea for All Occasions

Berry Detox, Himalayan Apple Spice and Green Tea Super Anti-Oxidant

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At this very moment I am enjoying my last free sample tea bag of Yogi Tea. This particular tea, Green Tea Super Anti-Oxidant, is slightly sweet, yet the tangy green tea flavor shines through without being bitter.

Bittersweet indeed is knowing, at least until I make a trip to the store, I am enjoying the last sampling cup of some of the most deliciously blended tea I have ever tasted.

When I received my samples I was in a spicy kind of mood and so the Himalayan Apple Spice tea bag was definitely my first choice! I carefully ripped open the visually pleasant peach, green and brown individual packaging and plunged my nose into a bouquet of only slightly tamed wild scents teeming around the wholesome goodness of apple.

The directions implied that the longer I steep this tea the more enriching experience I would have. After waiting five agonizing minutes, lifting my cup several times to take in the scented steam, I finally had my first well deserved sip. These were not thrown together with ingredients! From Rooibos Leaf to Black Pepper, each flavor held the others in a delicate balance. Indeed this recipe was a carefully crafted, artistic endeavor, meant to be enjoyed for many years to come. One word: Delicious!

Not too much later in the day, I was craving something sweet and so I turned to my sample of Berry DeTox. I admit I had some quickly made preconceived ideas about this one. It was probably going to taste like medicine. Indeed it did! That is to say – the really good medicine you remember as a child, that your mother had to keep locked up because she knew you really liked the taste of it.

The bright yellow, plum and brown individual packaging made me smile and as I carefully ripped open my second sample of the day, my mouth almost immediately responded to the lucious berry scents. I had a good swallow as I read the back of the packaging and waited for the water to boil. Indeed it was more than the packaging, it must have been the fennel and orange peel that had given me that instant mood boost that had me openly smiling as I prepared this sweet concoction! When I finally was able to take a good sip of this wonderful brew, I came to understand why there was a mild warning not to drink more than ten cups in a day! One word: Heavenly!

And now, as I finish up here, I am taking in the last sips of a still slightly warm cup of Green Tea Super Anti-Oxidant. For all its ingredients, the back of the bright green, sky blue and brown packaging might as well have contained all of one word: Perfection!


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