13 Best Cassette Tapes to Mp3 Converters

Have you been thinking of ways to convert your cassette tapes and recordings to Mp3 format? Well, you are in the right place, because like you, I was bothered when I was thinking of ways to preserve my old recordings,

They contain years of memories and the desire to stay connected with the past has always been something that my heart can’t stop beating towards.

In the past, the cassettes have brought a lot of people together in the past forming music listening groups, then it went on to listening to music in a private setting and while on the move.

The cassette players ever since they were introduced in 1963 in Belgium, have impacted the world and even though it became less popular in the last two decades a lot of people are still attracted by their design, capability, and simplicity.

13 Best Cassette Tapes to Mp3 Converter Reviews

1. AGPTEK Cassette to MP3 Converter

USB Cassette-to-MP3 Converter Capture, Actpe Audio Super USB Portable Cassette/Tape to PC MP3 Switcher Converter with Headphone

The AGPTEK Cassette to mp3 converter is compact and easy to use the device. It does not consume much power and it uses battery or USB to power on. You convert your old cassettes in the easiest of ways with this device and you can save it directly to your computer memory.

It is also possible to edit the audio as you convert and you can listen to the audio using a headphone, a stereo or whatever speaker you have so you know the output quality you are getting.

This device will work on common computer operating systems like the windows and Mac operating systems, it, however, works best with recent versions of these operating systems.

You will be required to install the device software on your PC before you can use the device, it comes in a CD along with the device as you purchase. If your device does not have a CD ROM, you can contact the device manufacturers and they send you a digital copy of the software so you can as well install.

To know how to use the AGPTEK Cassette to mp3 converter successfully, you should make good use of the included user manual as it explains all about the device.

The AGPTEK Cassette to mp3 converter is a very portable device so there will be no issues with carrying it with you anywhere. You should be aware that the quality of the audio output depends mainly on the tape you are converting.

2. Reshow Cassette Player

Reshow Cassette Player – Portable Tape Player Captures MP3 Audio Music via USB – Compatible with Laptops and Personal Computers – Convert Walkman Tape Cassettes to iPod Format

This device is among the best sellers when it comes to Portable Microcassette Recorders on Amazon and it is a useful device in converting cassette tapes to mp3.

The Reshow Cassette Player can be used with the Windows operating system from XP till date and on any MAC higher version 10.5.

You install the software using the Software CD plate that is included in the order and if your PC happens to not have a CD ROM, the manufacturers will send you a digital copy if you contact them.

To convert your cassette to mp3, all you have to do is to insert it in the Reshow Cassette Player, connect the device with your PC using the USB, run the software and you are good to go.

A user manual is also included in the order, it instructs you on how to use the device properly so you can get the best audio output that can be gotten from the cassette. This device also serves as a normal cassette player so even if you don’t want to convert your cassettes to MP3, you can still enjoy the tunes by playing them as they are.

The Reshow Cassette player is made mainly with plastic with just a little bit of metal in some places so it is advisable that the device is handled with care so it lasts.

It is a lightweight product which can be carried easily, you can make use of it almost anywhere you can use headphones or earbuds with it.

3. Simple Cassette Tape to MP3 Converter

Cassette Player, By-Heart Portable Walkman Cassette Player Audio Music Player Convert Tapes from USB to Digital MP3 with Earphones Compatible for Laptop/PC/Mac

The Inatuur Cassette Tape to MP3 Converter is a relatively small and portable device, just big enough to fully contain a cassette tape. It uses battery but also powers on once connected to a PC using a USB cable which means you may not need a battery at all to use this device.

No batteries are included when you buy this product so you can as well skip buying some and power it with a USB whenever you want to use it.

It is easy to use in converting and it comes with a software CD to install on your PC. Simply contact the manufacturers to get a soft copy of the installation software if your PC does not have a CD ROM to run the Software CD.

The software runs on all windows operating systems from 2000 to the recent ones and you must ensure that your PC has a RAM of 512M or higher and a Hard Disk with at least up to 1GB free space.

You can listen to the audio output using a stereo, headphones, or any other speaker you may have.

The quality of the audio output you get is based on what the cassette tape can give, to get the best results, you should make good use of the included user manual. It can also be used as a regular cassette player, it works fine that way too.

4. China Supply Handy USB Cassette Player

Handy USB Cassette Player and Tape-to-MP3 Digital Converter

The China Supply Handy USB Cassette Player is one of the best cassette tapes to mp3 converter device you can lay your hands on.

It powers on when connected to a USB so in using this device, you won’t really be needing batteries.

Converting cassette tapes to mp3 files using this handy USB cassette player is relatively easy, it is a simple plug and play device that records instantly. I

nstalling the device software is easy and takes just minutes to be completed, it uses the popular Audacity software for the conversion and you can as well edit the audio so as to get the best output.

The software is contained in a mini-CD that comes with the device, you can as well skip using it and just simply download the Audacity software online.

That way, you can download the most recent version and the best compatible with your PC. It comes with earphones so you can listen to the output audio, you can as well plug it to a headphone or stereo.

If you need just a simple cassette player, the China Supply Handy USB Cassette Player will also be of good use, it is very portable so you can carry it along with you anywhere.

For this, however, you will be needing batteries, the device uses 2 AA batteries and you will find it convenient to use as it features various control buttons.

5. Bon Venu Portable Cassette Player Tape Converter

Bon Venu Portable Cassette to MP3 Converter Tape Player – Audio Recorder & Music Player – Built-in LCD Screen & Speaker – Rechargeable – Modern & Sleek Design – Includes TF USB Reader & Earphones

Next on the list is another very functional cassette tape converter and an ideal buying choice. This device is a handheld one, very portable and ultra-lightweight, no stress is encountered when it comes to carrying it around.

You power it on using the included USB or you can purchase 2 AA batteries, it consumes less power as it consumes a maximum of 400mw. The conversion software it comes with is Audacity, the software is contained in a mini CD. You can install it using the CD plate or better still download the Audacity software online.

Using the Bon Venu Portable Cassette Player Tape Converter to convert your old cassette tapes is a very easy process; Input your cassette tape into the Bon Venu Portable Cassette Player Tape Converter, connect it to your PC with the USB cable, run the software and you get your audio file.

The audio file can be set to either mp3 or wave and you can leave your files stored in your PC or you can burn it to a CD.

You can listen to your audio output using any speaker system like a stereo or a headphone. There is an included user guide to aid you in using the device so your audio output is at its possible best.

The Bon Venu Portable Cassette Player Tape Converter is not just a cassette converter device, it also serves as a personal cassette player to play and enjoy songs from your old cassettes.

6. SolidPin Cassette Tape to MP3 CD PC converter

QFX J-22UBK ReRun X Radio and Cassette to MP3 Converter - Black


The SolidPin is a cassette tape converter and also a cassette tape player, it’s a Plug and plays USB device, no drivers required, the device comes with a stereo headphone, a USB cable and, plus an audio editing software installation.

The device is user friendly, easy to set up and easy to use, even when you have no prior knowledge of how to convert your songs to Mp3, it comes with tape converter software to guide you through the transfer making this device ideal for both experienced and inexperienced people who want to convert their old mix into Mp3 and store or play.


  • User-friendly
  • The “Walkman” feel and experience is a nice touch to it
  • Comes with a complete set of accessories and an easy to follow installation manual


  • The audio quality once converted does seem slightly lower
  • It requires a PC and CD Rom for the audio editing software to work

7. Feir Portable Cassette to MP3 Converter

Feir Cassette Converter Portable Cassette to MP3 Converter Stereo USB Cassette Digital Tape MP3 Music Player to MP3 Format with Headphones No PC Required

The Feir cassette tape converter is uniquely designed as a multipurpose portable and on-the-go cassette tape converter, at the same time it works well as a cassette tape player. It has an in-built converter that converts your tapes internally, so, all you need is a flash drive to hold your files when it is converted.

The device is a great choice for beginners and for those who not too proficient with the software.

You automatically become an expert as you no longer require an external device or pay an audio engineer to help you with the process of conversion of your tapes. You can use 2 AA batteries or connect to the USB power (Not included), however, do not use both at the same time or more than 5V DC.

It has no built-in speaker, therefore, you will need to use earphones to listen to your audio.


  • Good quality sound after recording
  • Plug and play feature is designed for easy operation
  • No PC required to record


  • Requires AA batteries
  • It works with thumb drives with FAT, FAT32, and exFAT files system and not compatible with NTFS format flash drives
  • It has no built-in speaker

8. GEEKLIN Cassette Player Tape to MP3 Converter

ezcap231 Standalone Cassette Tape to MP3 Converter, USB Cassette Capture, Convert Tapes to USB Flash Drive Directly,No Need Computer.

The GEEKLIN cassette player and Mp3 Converter is designed to be portable and mobile, which will enable you to convert your songs to Mp3 format anywhere you are.

The simple requirements are to have a cassette tape, and a USB flash drive which is formatted to FAT, FAT32, or exFAT available, you don’t need a PC or any additional software, with just a few easy steps you will record your tapes and convert them automatically with this device.

The device runs on 2 AA batteries, and can also be powered when the USB port connected to your computer. It comes as a plug and play device. It can be used as “Walkman” player and it is packed with a USB cable, an earphone for playback and a user manual.


  • Compact and portable design
  • Flexible battery or USB-powered
  • No drivers required for play, no computer required to convert


  • Audio quality not exactly as the tape after conversion
  • Not compatible with NTFS Flash drives
  • Require earphone to listen to music

9. Rybozen Portable Cassette Tape Player

Rybozen Cassette Player Converter, Convert Tapes to Digital MP3 Portable Walkman with New Upgrade Convenient Software (AudioLAVA)

With this Rybozen Portable Cassette tape Mp3 converter and player, you can convert all your old tape for storage or play them in your car, iPod, or PC. It is ideal for beginners and also convenient for professionals as it requires less tweaking to start transferring your tape into a digital audio format.

There are two modes on the device the Auto mode and the Manual mode.

The Auto mode will automatically convert and partition audio on the tape to the USB drive in Mp3 format. It will automatically detect the pause intervals between songs and then break them into separate files and save them.

The Manual mode will allow you to partition each song by press next button during recording.


  • Automatically or manually partition songs
  • Standalone converter (Mp3 Player), no computer required
  • Plug & play with small size, it can play, convert anywhere


  • Requires AA batteries
  • Requires earphone to listen to music

10. DIGITNOW Cassette Player

DIGITNOW USB Cassette Player Personal Audio Recorder with Speaker, Radio Recording Cassette Tape to Digital MP3 Converter

If you are looking to get the feel of the 80s both in design and in sound production then you would want to check out the DIGITNOW multifunctional cassette tape player. It has an external speaker to play out your songs and you can also connect an earphone for private listening.

It has an auto-reverse function for convenience and a one-touch recording function.

It can be used as an Mp3 player and speaker when connected and synched to a PC. It has functions of recording external voice via integrated microphone and cassette tape playing, FM radio, as well as recording sources from FM radio or your voice and storing recorded data into USD Flash drive in Mp3 format.

It runs on 2 AA batteries (not included) or DC IN- powered.


  • Record music, radio, external voice into the cassette tape
  • Convert cassette to MP3
  • Audio cassette playback
  • FM/AM radio
  • Cassette auto reverse function
  • Integrated speakers and microphone


  • Background sounds and noises can affect sound quality

11. MYPIN Portable Cassette Music Player Tape-to-MP3 Converter

Cassette Player-Cassette Tape to MP3 CD Converter- Powered by Battery or USB,Convert Walkman Tape Cassette to MP3, Compatible with Laptop and PC, USB Cable,Software CD,3.5mm Jack Earphone-DIGITNOW

With the classic “Walkman” look. MYPIN Cassette to MP3 Converter is simple to use and set up. It is ideal for inexperienced individuals looking to convert cassette tapes into an MP3 format directly in a USB Flash drive.

Note that it only supports USB drive with FAT, FAT32, exFAT formats and up to 64G of size, it supports USB2.0 as well as USB3.0 drives. This device has an AUX line port which allows audio from other sources to be played through this device using the (included) 3.5 mm stereo cable.


  • Converts cassettes to MP3 files without a computer or additional software
  • Converts tapes to high-quality 128 Kbps Mp3
  • It has both Auto and Manual recording modes


  • Does not support NTFS format
  • It does not work with PC
  • It only converts tape to MP3 file and does not record audio to the tape in turn

12. Reshow Cassette Player

For those who would love to convert their old mix stored on cassette tapes and would prefer the plug and play method, the Reshow cassette tape player & Mp3 converter is designed to give you the ease of operation.

It converts the audio internally then save the converted file to a USB drive attached to the device. This device produces good quality sound and will make a great gift for those who love retro music.

During conversion, the track continues to the end and does not auto brake or auto-stop songs, to separate tracks you would have to do it manually.


  • Standalone cassettes tape to MP3 converter needs no computer or additional software
  • Affordable price tag
  • Plug and play feature makes it easy to set up and use


  • It does not separate tracks
  • It does not auto-stop converting when the tape ends

13. ION Audio Tape 2 Converter

ION Audio Tape 2 PC | USB Cassette Deck Conversion System with RCA & USB cables

If you need something that can perform both basic and advance function, as well as convert cassette tape to Mp3, with dual deck player & recorder, then the ION Audio Tape 2 PC USB Dual Cassette Deck Converter is what you need.

This device is compatible with both Windows and Mac-based computers. If you have a wide range of cassette tapes from way-back you want to convert into Mp3 digital form, then this device will have got you well covered, as it is compatible with CrO2 and metal cassette tapes.

Though it requires you to install the software CD that comes with the device to start converting your audio files.


  • Compatible with almost all operating systems
  • Comes with a built-in noise reduction for higher quality conversions
  • The product comes with USB and RCA cables


  • You will need to optimize the settings before conversion from the default setting which is not optimized
  • The setup and manual are a bit difficult for beginners


The modern era is characterized by their love for technology and its constant evolution, however, if you are from the generation where the cassette tape was the height of audio recording, storage and playback then you would agree with me that the nostalgia and the connection to old memories should be preserved for reminiscing and for other generations to come, for our past cannot and should not be erased.

While growing up, it is likely that you had listened to and enjoyed music and tunes from cassette tapes in a cassette player. Now cassette tapes are outdated and it is no longer common to see people using it, everyone now listens to music and sounds from their phones and other gadgets.

Some of the old songs are available in mp3 and other audio file formats but the majority of them are not. You do not have to worry yourself searching for old cassette tape songs online when you can get the mp3 file yourself if you happen to still have the cassette.

This can be done with the use of a cassette tape converter device.

These are devices that convert the audio from cassette tapes into digital audio formats like mp3 or wave. If that sounds like the kind of device you would want, check below the list of the top 5 ones you can buy.

The drive to own a cassette player or convert your cassette tapes to Mp3 could be fueled by a lot of other reasons apart from the nostalgia or being an audio hobbyist.

You don’t have to worry too much because I have taken several hours to research and compare different Cassette players and the ones that can help you preserve your tape recordings to Mp3 formats and store them in digital CD players and other storage means.

In this article, we will go through the characteristics and features of a few selected cassette tapes to Mp3 converter/player and give you highlights on some of the best cassette deck players, cassette tape Mp3 converter on today’s market.

If you are new to the world of audio conversion, or you are already a professional in this area, this list will serve you well and help you cut down hours upon hours of research and inquiry. I have narrowed down the list to the top tape players, cassette Walkman or cassette tape recorder/player.

These cassette tapes to mp3 players and converters were chosen due to their features, accessories and ease of use.

These devices are designed to bring back that nostalgic feel of the classic Walkman and produce sound in the same quality so for those who want to experience what it was like in the 80s, you might want to check out these devices.

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