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      About Us

      Dynamic Team of Great Writers

      HuntForBest is a website that provides product reviews, giving emphasis on the ‘Top 10’ products. We operate as a techy website for product reviews, helping you to find the best options for products.

      Our Goal

      It is our goal to present factual and honest information about different products that are currently being offered in the market. The reviews come in the form of a list of Top 10 products belonging to a certain category.

      About James

      James is passionate writer who likes to bring latest products to shopper attention. He runs multiple websites in each niche. 

      “What do you love to write?” This is a very broad question. To begin with I think any writer would love to write anything, as long as it is not boring and does not bore them. Sorry if the above paragraph sounds vague but that is how I generally define what I love to write and what I don’t.

      I am a passionate writer who’s been interested in screenwriting since a while and now have several screenplays written. So I guess I love to write…but I don’t just sit down and begin to write.

      James Laress


      I love to read and I love to learn about things I find interesting. I can’t tell you what my favorite thing to read is, I would have to be asked that by someone and I can’t identify any one book I love to read that I don’t enjoy reading.

      I’m not a reader, so I find this hard to answer because most of my reading is done online or while staring at a computer. I find that when I’m reading something it’s either too boring or I’ve gotten bored and throw it away or I cross section or word and page and try again. I love to learn about things I don’t understand so I study, I read and study some more and I write what I’ve learned to help others learn.

      I’m still trying to figure out what I love to write most and I think it has something to do with how I approach life. I don’t like conflict, I find conflict boring and I don’t like fighting with people, so I write screenplays where there are no or little conflicts.

      I’m sure you’ve noticed I don’t like conflict. I love to write about people, places, things and I love to write screenplays because I can use words and sentences to make people understand and think.