The Versatile Benchtop Table Saw: The most Versatile Power Tool for Ripping, Crosscutting, and Trim

The Versatile Benchtop Table Saw

It’s been about 200 years ago, approximately, when the cabinetmaker and carpenter’s craft of wood-crafting took a radically new turn. Instead of sawing wood with a straight line of teeth grinding backward and forward, a contraption called the circular saw blade made its entrance and woodworking hasn’t been quite the same since. Cutting timber was now continuous and quicker than ever. The benchtop table saw was not far away.

In fact, the original table saws were a bit Macedonian when compared them to the usual home-shop table saws found on today’s market. Nowadays you’ll find saws sold inside catalogs, at home improvement centers, and even in local department stores. For the homeowner or hobbyist who is looking for a reliable table saw within the reach of his bank account, or a pro who has a deadline staring him in the face, there is one type of table saw that makes the grade. The benchtop table saw.

The Benchtop Table Saw has Some Great Characteristics

Undoubtedly, benchtop table saws have been engineered to be very portable, however, their decreased size hides an eye-grabbing capacity. Manufacturers construct benchtop machines running with ten-inch blades. These are close to the same size as full-blown cabinet table saws. This substantial capacity, combined it with the portability and surprisingly low price, and a high degree of accuracy, makes a benchtop table saw one of the best tools in your arsenal.

The weight of this table saw is one of its top-selling points. A carpenter can carry it easily around his job site, pick it up from the bed of his pick-up, or scoot it off his garage work bench when it’s time to use another benchtop tool.

Many models are in the range of 35 to 75 pounds. It’s the clever combination of materials that keep these table saws lightweight. Their tabletops and their motor support brackets, or trunnions, usually are made out from cast aluminum. They have bent steel support braces in most of the inexpensive models. The table saw bases are usually durable plastic.

Benchtop Table Saw Sizing

These saws lightweight but they are compact also. The numbers on the average table top are about at 19 inches deep by 20 seven inches wide, however the most popular contractor-grade models start at about 22 by 38 inches. To max out tabletop real estate without sacrificing manuverability, some have extension tables of approximately 6 inches area on the right hand side of the saw. It slides back from the blade which brings the total width to about 40 inches. This provides increased support when crosscutting, and also, it takes the ripping limit to just over 24 inches. As you know, this is the center point of a standard sheet of plywood. Imagine the possibilities…

Benchtop Table Saw Pricing

The price tag on today’s benchtop table saws are already very low because of the industry’s competitive nature but usually you can do better. If you’re not in desperate need of a brand new saw, keep an eye on the sales at your home improvement center. Or wait for a father’s day sale or holiday sale.

Is a benchtop table saw right for your purposes? Most likely yes, if you need to find the biggest bang for your buck with a quality saw. Yes, you can retire your handsaw…

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