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No one likes mosquitoes. Not only are they annoying, but their humming also disturbs one sleep and they cause blisters and diseases. Although over the years, many people have been accustomed to using chemical products to get rid of mosquitoes, with time, however, better alternatives have come up such as the best mosquito killers.

These electric mosquito killers are safe, efficient, cost-effective and very effective. To guide you in choosing the best mosquito killer, we bring forth a review of the top 11 mosquito killers available in the market. We will discuss the distinguishing features of each. Ultimately, we hope you select the best and most appropriate one for you and your household.

11 Best Mosquito Killers Reviews

1. Redeo Electronic Bug Zapper

Redeo Electronic Bug Zapper

Redeo eliminates the need for insecticides and pesticides to keep homes bug-free. The two electrical zappers that you receive attract bugs using UV and electrocute them on a high voltage grid. They are quiet, compact, and have protective plastic cases that look good.

You also can check x-pest for professional mosquito killer manufacturer.


  • High-voltage electric grid
  • Protective plastic shell
  • Chemical-free technology
  • Has a receptacle for insects
  • Soothing LED night light (4-piece)
  • Quiet and non-irritant system


  • Ineffective outdoors

2. Electric Mosquito Trap Lamp – USB Powered UV LED Attractant Insect Killer

Electric Mosquito Trap Lamp - USB Powered UV LED Attractant Insect Killer
Electric Mosquito Trap Lamp – USB Powered UV LED Attractant Insect Killer

Seeking for a portable mosquito killer that is safe for pets and kids, the Electric Mosquito Trap Lamp is the best choice. It contains no chemicals, emits no radiation and not toxic. It gives no weird smell and safe for the whole household.

This Electric Mosquito Trap Lamp works with any USB port or a regular adapter. The UV trap lamp that features a light-controlled sensor closes during the day. It is very portable and very easy to clean.

It comes with 25 months warranty.

3. Bug Zapper Mosquito Killer

Bug Zapper Fly Trap Mosquito Killer Insect Killer

Seeking for best insect killer for outdoors and insect killer ideal for home and industrial use, the Bug Zapper Fly Trap Mosquito Killer Insect is a perfect choice. It can cover an area as large as 6000 sq foot. It is completely safe for humans and animals.

It comes with a complete refund option and ideal if you seek to reduce the number of insects flying around your household. It naturally attracts insects and is way more effective than scented candles.

4. Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp

Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp, Mosquitoes Bug Zapper

Seeking for a powerful electric best insect killer for yard lamp, the Zapper Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp is the ideal choice. Insects are naturally attracted to the light and kill them when they contact the metal grid.

It is suitable for all indoor use and does not require insecticide assistance. It is safe for man and pets. It is recommended for the bedroom, sitting rooms, offices and other breeding ground for mosquitoes. It produces no radiation whatsoever and very easy to clean. It makes no noise, hence can be used while sleeping

5. Hoont Electric Indoor Fly Zapper and Bug Killer

Hoont Electric Indoor Fly Zapper and Bug Zapper Trap Killer Catcher

The Hoont is capable of getting rid of all flying and creeping insects from your home. It works perfectly without the need for dangerous chemicals. It is pretty free and easy to use as all you have to do is plug the zapper and watch it do its magic. It is easy to clean and does not clog

It is very powerful with the ability to cover a very large area – up to 6000 sq ft. It features a 10 Watt UV bulb that attracts all flying insect to a very powerful high voltage metal grid which then electrocutes them. It is safe for humans and pets and the dead insects can be collected via the tray at the bottom.

6. Bug Zapper – Fly Trap Mosquito Zapper

This indoor bug zapper is very effective in killing all flying insects. It features a blue light emitted from a special light tube that gives out UV rays which attract insects and electrocutes them. It involves no chemical or harmful substance whatsoever hence, safe for man and pets.

It is ideal for a vast area of space like a hall, bedroom, hotel, and offices. It can operate during night and daytime. It is hygienic, simple and really easy to clean. Dismantling the light tube is also quick and does not require any special tool. This Bug Zapper – Fly Trap Mosquito Zapper 538 SQ.FT comes with three years full warranty making it completely safe and reliable for users.

7. Original Indoor Insect Trap

Original Indoor Insect Trap

The UV light from this best insect killer indoor or for home is capable of attracting mosquitoes, fruit flies and gnats. It traps them in the sticky glue board where they remain till death. It involves no toxic chemicals whatsoever hence, it is safe for all. It does not give any odor hence, reliable and effective.

It can work with any USB outlet or power source and suitable for bedroom, halls, hotels or garage. Even in areas without a power source, it can work with a power bank. It is ideal for a closed and dark room with the capacity to effectively serve a 320 sq ft area.

8. Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer

SHUDAGE Birdcage Solar LED Bug Zapper

Seeking for the perfect insect killer for outdoor use, the Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer is the best choice. It is equipped to successfully cover half an acre successfully. It uses a plug and has a nonclogging killing area. It is not ideal for use indoors, under shed etc.

With a 15 Watt bulb, it is able to work continuously for as long as possible. It is friendly to the atmosphere as it uses no toxic chemical or pesticides. It features a UV light as well as an electrified grid that attracts thousands of flies and exterminates them. It can also be used as a security light.

9. HUNTINGOOD Electric Mosquito Insect Killer with 360 Degrees LED Trap Lamp

This mosquito killer is quiet, waterproof, odorless and extremely effective in getting rid of flying insects. It features a 365 NM wavelength UV light that lures mosquitoes and other flying insects. On attracting the insect, they are trapped and starved to death without harming the environment – humans and pets.

It is best used in a dark and closed place and it has the ability to run for as long as a week with humans around. We recommend opening once a week to get the flies off the box for cleaning. It can work with any USB adapter or power bank and recommend for indoor use only.

10. Tiabo Bug Zapper Indoor Insect Killer Electronics

The Tiabo bug zapper employs ultraviolet bulb to lure insect and other flies and kills it when the insect makes contact. It is ideal for various rooms – bedroom, kitchen, offices etc. It is completely safe and releases no foul odor. The metal grid is enclosed hence, safe for human use.

It can keep a whole room free from mosquito and insect for days. Using is easy as all you have to do is plug to any USB port. It comes with a full year warranty. The component comes already assembled. All you have to do in receiving the package is opening and plugging. It is good and tested for getting rid of all type of insect!

11. Elucto Electric Bug Zapper Best for Indoor and Outdoor Pest Control

The Elucto electric fly swatter is a tested and reliable tool with the capacity to zap all kind of files or insect with ONE SWAT. It comes with 2 DURACELL AA batteries which make the bug zapper work immediately. It is fast and very easy to use. Cleaning this bug layer is easy and it has a single layer as a flying insect is not caught inside.

This insect zapper presents no health risk to users – man and pets alike. It is friendly to the environment. It applies to both indoor and outdoor use. Users enjoy a year full warranty hence, you can request for a refund if you are not satisfied with the project.

Protection From Mosquitos With Homemade Products

Who does not like to travel? But today’s normal problem is biting mosquitos. Today’s people are so serious, they want a healthy lifestyle for this reason malaria and dengue to become so common disease. But a long time before people died in malaria and dengue. Because at that time there was no medicine for those diseases. Basically, the people were died due to negligible behavior. They did not get proper treatment. But now the medical department upgraded huge. Now people do not die with this kind of disease.

History Of Malaria Medication:

For a long time, people use a homemade procedure to cure malaria. After many times later proper malaria treatment was started. The medicine for this disease gets from the cinchona tree, locally the name of the tree is quinine. Nowadays to kill mosquito many treatments are started. All the protection has started the government’s self. They send their employees to everywhere.

That people spread all over DDT, bleaching powder, and they also check everywhere and they go door to door that either there is any stack water that occurs or not. After when there working hour over the give report this to the mayor. That’s all report are submitted as a document to the government. Basically, now this becomes more serious that no people will die in this disease.

The Homemade Mosquito Killers

Today’s woman is very smart and due to Google and Youtube, people are becoming smarter day by day. Before they used many chemical product to kill a mosquito. These products are so harmful that they cause many diseases.

For this reason, now people are using homemade products. These products are safe and also secure. This product will not create any harmful effects.

The products are:


Name Of The Oil

Quantity Of The Things

How To Use

Using Time

1. Lemon eucalyptus oil 10ml – lemon oil, Eucalyptus oil

90ml – coconut oil or olive oil

a. First, take one bottle.

b. Then in that bottle mix 10 ml lemon oil and eucalyptus oil

c. After that take 90 ml coconut oil or olive oil, which is carrier oil and easily available.

You can use this whenever you go outside of your house. Apply every 2 hours.
2. Peppermint oil and coconut oil 12 drops peppermint oil30 ml – coconut oil a. At first, take one bottle

b. Then mix these two oils in proper quantity

You can use this whenever you go outside of your house. Apply every 2 hours.
3. Neem oil and coconut oil 10 drops- neem oil

30ml- coconut oil

Ø  At first, take one bottle

Ø  Mix these two oils properly

You can use this oil anywhere inside as well as outside from your home
4. Apple cider vinegar and essential oil spray 50ml- cider vinegar

50ml- water

10to 12 dropper- essential oil

Ø  At first, take one small bottle

Ø  Then in a proper way mix apple cider and water

Ø  After that slowly pour essential oil

You can use this whenever you go outside of your house. Apply every 2 hours.

In a conclusion, to protect yourself and your family from mosquito then you should try this oil. This oil is so effective. If you use this oil this will not create any skin rashes.


With the improvement in technology, however, there are electric devices that have been developed to kill mosquitoes. Not only do they kill mosquitoes, but they also have the power to get rid of most flying insects. Using these electric mosquito killers is good as there are advantages that are absent with pesticides.

We have reviewed the best mosquito killers. We have presented the unique features of each and how you get to benefit from using each one.

We hope this mosquito killer review will guide you in making the best choice.

Jemy O'Neil
Jemy is a 28-year-old former health center receptionist who enjoys cycling, cookery and adult coloring books. He is friendly and likes to travel with his friends. He loves to check out the best products in the market that's why he made TopListly.


  1. This is a great post, but you should also include natural Mosquito Repellent Remedies, like use of Lavender Oil, Vanilla, Lemon Juice Spray, Cinnamon Oil Spray, Tea Tree Oil and Coconut Oil.


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