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Best online mapping software tools

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Once upon a time, creating a map online required website coding and graphic design skills. Nowadays, however, this is no longer the case. Thanks to online mapping tools creating a map online are not only easy but also fun.

While these mapping tools make creating an online map easily, their creation still requires a great deal of creativity, research, and optimization. Luckily, many software tools include features that can help with these aspects of map creation.

Choosing a mapping tool can be difficult. There are a lot of choices out there. This is why we’ve decided to compile a list of some of the best online mapping tools out there to help with your decision.


The Maptive mapping software takes data and turns it into a Google Map. This cloud and web-based solution can optimize driving routes, create heat maps, and plot up to 100,000 in only a few clicks. Furthermore, you can customize your map with personalization options and create appealing visualizations for presentations, internal analysis, and websites.

This tool is ideal for creating location maps for businesses and planning driving routes. It features turn-by-turn navigation, a drive time polygon tool for determining how far you can drive within a specific time period, and a multi-stop route planner and optimization tool. Additionally, Maptive includes data from the U.S. census so you can get population, education, median income, and race information for your map.


This WordPress plugin is designed to help users create dynamic and responsive maps for their WordPress sites. Users can turn SVG files into a map and customize the interface graphics. MapSVG features 200 geo-calibrated and uncalibrated vector maps for an extensive range of countries and areas.

Additionally, it supports search options, map directories, filters, custom fields, choropleth maps, and more. Other features of MapSVG include filtering options by distance and location, importing JPG and PNG images and editing them, and interactive map markers.


Mapbox is a geo-visualization tool that uses vector maps. This allows for the direct use of real-time data in online maps. Users have full control over customization options, and it has advanced features such as geocoding and integrated satellite imagery. Another prominent feature is the Smart Directions API, which makes it possible for your map to creating directions automatically for anyone who needs them.


Zeemaps utilizes your data to create a map and then gives you control over all the customization. You can customize everything from the color, regions, icons, custom fields, and add multimedia. Data can be entered manually or imported through a spreadsheet. Additionally, it’s a three-tiered system of admin, member, and viewer make it ideal for presentations.

ArcGIS Online

This cloud-based software allows you to create dynamic and completely interactive maps online. It features the ability to create maps collaboratively and share them. ArcGIS also offers spatial analysis tools to help you answer questions about your data.


With Mapme, you can create a custom map and easily embed it on your website or an external site. This tool is ideally suited for the real estate, travel, and government industries. This is due to its feature, which enables you to easily share information and locations with potential clients without any additional coding or design.

Other features of this tool include adding photos, videos, and PDFs, creating categories and filters, and showing 3D buildings on the map. Mapme maps are also easy to share. They can be shared through social media, embedded on your website, or printed. It also has a reporting feature that offers insight into the map’s performance.

Scribble Maps

Scribble Maps allows anyone to easily create an interactive map that can be embedded in a document or printed off. It enables users to convert spreadsheet data into maps and then draw on the map to segment-specific locations. You can also add images and widgets. Furthermore, the Scribble Maps API makes it possible for your map to be included in your app.


As more and more businesses move their marketing online, location-based services are becoming more important than ever. For this reason, it will become increasingly essential for companies to create their own interactive maps. Beyond just identifying business locations, maps can also be used to identify customer data trends, locate business partners, and find similar retailers.

The above list demonstrates that there is a vast array of choices when it comes to online mapping software tools. Each of these tools offers something slightly different. Therefore it’s important to consider your needs when making your selection. Hopefully, the above list will help make your decision easier.


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