10 Best Pool Leaf Rakes For Clean Pool

There are many accessories that are needed to keep your swimming pool in top condition. The pool rake is one of them. It is very essential for keeping debris and leaves off the pool.

No matter how neat you claim to be, you cannot control how debris, leaves, and dirt get into your pool. However, you can take the extra step to invest in a pool rake.

With a pool rake, you can keep dirt and other unwanted materials off your pool. We have provided the best 10 pool skimmers to help keep your pool in top condition.

10 Best Pool Rakes Reviewed

1. Swimline Professional Heavy Duty Deep-Bag Pool Rake

Seeking a very strong leaf rake with a structural model, the blue Swimline Professional Heavy Duty Deep-Bag Pool Rake is the best choice. It comes with a big fine mesh bag that handles the quick light clean up of small debris and heavy clean up of your pool. The fine mesh bag disconnects easily and is suitable for telescopic vacuum poles.

It comes with carefully sculpted curved edges without any sharp edges to damage the side of the pool. It is suitable for indoor pool and public pool alike. It is made with safe materials that do not disturb the pH level of the water.

2. Purity Pool ULTD Ultra-Lite 18-Inch Lightweight Professional Leaf Rake

Purity Pool ULSLT Ultra-Lite 18-Inch Lightweight Professional Leaf Rake, Silt Model

Purity pool leaf rake has established itself as an authority in the industry. This leaf rake prides itself in the fact that it makes very efficient and long-lasting pool skimmers. This pool rake comes with a durable design and a is light in weight, a favorite among many pool owners in today’s world.

It is suitable for pool surfaces finished with rough plaster or exposed aggregate, due to the abrasion-resistant material it is made of.

It features a very long-lasting plastic rim with a specially treated aluminum alloy made to give a strong finish. It is safe and recommended for all type of pool as it will not leave scratch or mar pool surface.

3. Pool Net Leaf Skimmer Rake

ProTuff Pool Net for Cleaning - Unlimited Free Replacements - Pro Grade is 3X Faster for Leaf, Insect, Small and Large Debris Cleaning - 19.5"

This pool net leaf skimmer is made of very strong aluminum alloy frame that is resistant to twisting, bending or breaking under load. The leaf catcher is joined to an industry size pool pole with built-in quick connect clip. The nylon pool bag is durable and deep, resistant to abrasion. It comes tapered to make maneuvering the different contours of the pool seamless.

It lasts very long and appropriate for all types and sizes of the pool. It will neither mar nor leave scratches on pool surfaces. It features the Easy Glide scoop front which allows for fast and easy pick up of leaves from pool bottom.

The side is straight with a slight curve for easy cleanup of a pool. This product also enjoys a lifetime warranty which means a FREE replacement for any part that breaks

4. Stanley 21882 DLX Pro Aluminum Leaf Rake by Pool master

Seeking for a durable and strong leaf rake for getting rid of debris and leaves from your spa or pool, the Stanley Leaf Rake is the best choice. It features an extruded aluminum handle with a rigid frame that gives it rigidity.

The net is closh mesh and durable; it has the scoop front feature with which debris and leaves easily gets into the close mesh net

It features a protective PVC outer frame which keeps spa and pool from scuffs. There is a quick change clip which allows for easy access to any professional pool pole. The lasting mesh net can accommodate varieties of debris and leaves with its depth of 17 inches.

The Stanley 21882 DLX Pro Aluminum Leaf Rake is a must-have accessories for keeping your pool in top condition

5. Crystal Pool Silt Rake

Bucket Lidz Pool Skimmer net -TK Pool net-Sand/Silt for Small Bugs net/Small Debris Triluca

The crystal Pool Silt rake is one accessory to make taking care of your pool very easy. It is very light and easy to use as it glides with the rim freely through the water to catch the debris with little or no resistance.

It features a flat skimmer that makes it navigate the pool floor with ease. The design of this pool rake is strong and attractive and the bag empties with the flip of the wrist.

It is made with fine nylon with the capacity to catch minute dirt particles. The unit is strong and durable as it is made of very strong heat-treated alloy.

No matter how hard you use the pool rake, it will not bend due to the hardened plextonium handle. The net is tapered, making navigation of the pool pretty easy. Users enjoy lifetime protection.

6. Poolmaster 21182 Premier Pro Aluminum Leaf Rake

Poolmaster 21182 Solid-Core Aluminum Swimming Pool Leaf Rake with Durable Mesh Net, Premier Collection

Pool master offers very high-quality leaf rake for use in all season for your pool maintenance. With this pool rake, never worry about leaves or debris in your pool again. It features an extruded aluminum handle with sturdy inner framing which gives sit the strength to withstand excess weight from debris. With the scoop front feature, getting the leaves and debris not the neck has never been easy.

It can be used with both standard and indoor pools. The pool can be used for a very long time as the materials that formed the construction are strong and highly durable. With this pool leaf rake, you will never have to worry about dirt in your spa or pool again.

7. Stanley 21896 DLX Heavy-Duty Aluminum Leaf Rake

With the Stanley 21896 DLX pool rake, getting rid of leaves and debris from pool or spa has been very easy. It is made with a very strong Aluminum inner frame with aluminum finished handle as well.

This keeps the spa or pool wall protected from scuffs or scratch. The Aluminum handle is durable and features a fast change spring clip that allows it to work perfectly with any standard pool pole.

Users can be assured of less scratch or mar on the pool wall as the rim is mar-resistant. It can be used with standard poles and applicable to all types of pool. Using this leaf rake will not introduce a contaminant into the pool as the materials are water friendly. This is one very important pool maintenance accessory you need.

8. Sun Cling Heavy Duty Deep-Bag Swimming Pool Leaf Rake Net

Sun Cling Heavy Duty Deep-Bag Swimming Pool Leaf Rake Net with Clip Handle

This pool leaf rake is made with fine mesh pool leaf bag which captures tiny leaves and debris from the pool floor and surface. It features a medium-sized mesh net that captures everything in its path except silt and sand without pushing against the water.

The nylon net is strong and less likely to develop holes while collecting huge volumes of debris. The frame is made of plastic-wrapped with aluminum which catches debris effectively.

This leaf pool will neither break nor bend under heavy use. It enjoys extra stability due to the winged handle. It last longs and safe for various types of pool. Will neither scratch nor mar pool surfaces.

Asides, the easy-glide scoop allows for easy collection of debris from the pool floor. With the Sun Cling Heavy Duty pool rake, pool maintenance just got easier. The debris bag is durable and resistant to sun and chemical damage.

9. Swimline 8039SL Heavy Duty Leaf Skimmer Molded Frame and Snap Adapt Handle

Seeking for a strong and quality pool rake, the Swimline 8039SL Heavy Duty Leaf Skimmer does a perfect job. It comes with a molded plastic frame with a fine mesh basket. It can work with almost every pole. It can easily scoop debris due to the tapered front edge.

It is made of strong plastic which improves its durability. It is suitable for all types of pool and does not mar or scratch the poolside/surface.

10. Aquatix Pro Swimming Pool Pole for leaf rakes

Aquatix Pro Swimming Pool Pole, 4 to 12 Feet, Professional Aluminium Telescopic Pole, Best for Skimmer Nets, Vacuum Heads and Brushes, Strong Grip & Lock, Ribbed Finish, 1.1mm Commercial Thickness

Just in case your pole breaks, you can definitely trust this one! This professional swimming pool skimmer works effectively with all vacuum heads and brushes and is applicable to all types of pool. It is strong with rubber pools. It can be used for both in the ground and above ground swimming pools.

It is built to be very durable and can strong enough to handle all kind of pool. It can fit with any pole equipment easily.  The user enjoys a year warranty with this product!


We have taken the time to review the best leaf pool rakes. We have examined the features and given our honest opinion on each. We hope it guides you in getting the best and most suitable pool rake for your use.

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