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Brown & Ashley Gourmet Green Tea Collection

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For Christmas, my daughter gave me a boxed set of the Brown and Ashley Gourmet tea collection, which contained 5 canisters of green tea. Each container held 20 bags of a different flavor tea: Apple, mango, orange spice, lemon zest, and raspberry.

Coincidentally, shortly after Christmas, a friend gave me a single can of the same type of tea, in peach flavor. Each canister is decorated, based on the type of tea that is within. The 20 individual tea bags are inside a foil pouch which I suppose is to seal in the flavor.

I have been drinking 3 or 4 cups of this tea daily. Sometimes I mix the flavors. I had been enjoying my tea for a number of weeks, when I made a startling revelation. The tea always tasted the same. The only time there was a distinction in flavor, was when I added my own fruit juice, honey and or lemon.

I even closed my eyes when choosing bags, and still I could not tell what I was drinking by the flavor. I love plain green tea, but when the canister says mango or peach, I expect to taste at least a little of that particular flavor. I would have chalked it up to the set may daughter purchased as maybe being out of date, but that would not explain the peach tea.

The package says natural and artificial flavors. I can only assume that it is natural green tea, and that the supposed added flavors are artificial. I am disappointed that my taste buds were awaiting the vibrant difference in each type of tea. And more so at myself for taking so long to figure it out.

If you like green tea, and need some pretty decorated canisters, this Brown & Ashley collection will suit the bill. if you desire tea with strong flavors that awaken your taste buds, then you are out of luck. This type of tea collection is usually sold around the holidays, so you may not be able to make a purchase until about November..

I did not check for an expiration date, and wonder if the one my daughter purchased may have been left over from the previous year. That still would not explain why the can of peach tea was flavorless as well. This is one of those products where I say “Buyer be ware.” This Brown & Ashley tea collection elaves much to be desired.


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