Bullet Tools BT92-2195 Vinyl Cutter Review

      Are you looking for a vinyl cutter for vinyl flooring? If so, then look no further than the Bullet Tools BT92-2195.

      The Bullet Tools BT92-2195 is a professional and compact tool. With this vinyl cutter, you will be able to accomplish easier and at the same time faster installation of vinyl flooring while keeping great results.

      On the other hand, it comes equipped with bi-metal blades that tend to last longer compared to a regular saw blade. What’s more, the blade can cut a through the dense luxury vinyl plank.

      Bullet Tools BT92-2195 9.5 inches Vinyl Cutter for Vinyl Flooring

      Read on to know more about Bullet Tools BT92-2195 vinyl cutter.

      Key Features:

      • Comes with inbuilt carrying case
      • Professional and compact tool
      • Faster and safer compared to chop saws
      • Replaceable anvil
      • Made in the US
      • Rapt steel cutting assembly
      • Environmental-friendly


      This vinyl cutter is a portable as well as a lightweight alternative to a standard shear thanks to its own inbuilt carrying case. As a matter of fact, the unit is only 60.96cm (2 feet) long and 21.59cm (8.5 inches) wide inside its case making it easier to bring anywhere.

      Quality of Cutting

      The Bullet Vinyl BT92-2195 can make fast and at the same time precise cuts on a vinyl plank flooring and vinyl wood flooring.

      On the other hand, this vinyl cutter is tailored to cut materials up to 12mm or 7/16-inch thick and 241mm or 9.5-inch wide.


      When it comes to the durability, you can also count on Bullet Vinyl BT92-2195 vinyl cutter. This unit is made from high-quality materials thus, you are certain that it will last long.

      Further, it comes equipped with bi-metal blades that are much better compared to other kinds of blades used for cutting.

      Ease of use

      Aside from being durable, this vinyl cutter is very easy to use. As a matter of fact, you can set this up with ease even if it is your first time to use this kind of tool.

      In addition to that, it is environmentally friendly. It means it is safer to use compared to other vinyl cutters available in the market. The Bullet Vinyl BT92-2195 doesn’t require electricity as well.


      Since the manufacturer is certain that their products are excellent and will last longer, they backed the Bullet Vinyl BT92-2195 with a one-year warranty. What’s more, it comes with a one-month satisfaction guarantee.


      • It doesn’t produce noise
      • Faster and safer compared to chop saws
      • Easy to use and setup
      • Comes with built-in carrying case
      • Offers accurate and fast cuts
      • One-year warranty


      • It can only cut vinyl plank flooring and vinyl wood flooring
      • The warranty will be void when used in unapproved materials.


      If you’re just planning to cut vinyl plank flooring and vinyl wood flooring then investing on Bullet Vinyl BT92-2195 is a good idea. However, if you’re planning to cut other materials aside from those we recommend that you opt for another model. But nevertheless, it is a vinyl cutter that can offer excellent cuts in just a short span of time.

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