Carpets Of Gold

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With October drawing to a close, we have had one of the best autumn seasons that I can ever remember. The long dry spell only briefly interrupted briefly by a couple of damp days has produced one of the most colorful autumnal displays that I have ever seen in this country.

Acers, in particular, have colored up beautiful and without any storms to dislodge their leaves, have managed to hold on to them for longer that usual. Only in the last few days have they started to fall and leave beautiful carpets of gold strewn over parks and roadsides.

I have had to resort to the garden vac to clear a path to the front door which was covered with leaves and would blow into the hall every time the door was opened. I felt a certain amount of guilt at having to vac and shred them when she who must be obeyed continually complained about them blowing into the house.

It is one of the more pleasant jobs in the garden at this time of the year especially when the leaves are still dry, but in my excitement I forgot to put on the shoulder strap and it was quickly consumed and one end chewed up by the machine.

I than had to endure a lecture about health and safety from the rightful owner of the sewing machine as I cut the strap and sewed the two ends together again. In future I will put on the shoulder strap before starting the machine.

My problems were not over yet because as I emptied the first bag of leaves the rubber strap that attaches the bag to the machine snapped and I had to put on my thinking cap to figure out a solution. In the end the problem was solved with a cable tie secured firmly with the aid of a pair of pliers.

With the leaves taken care of I was able to get a look at what was happening in the front garden and to review the plans for a complete overhaul. Everything in the front garden is going to be removed and replaced with raised beds made with railway sleepers. At least that is the plan for the moment but is subject to change if I get any better ideas.

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Jemy O'Neil
Jemy O'Neil
Jemy is a 28-year-old former health center receptionist who enjoys cycling, cookery and adult coloring books. He is friendly and likes to travel with his friends. He loves to check out the best products in the market that's why he made HuntForBest


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