Choosing The Right Pest Control Services

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DIY or company?- Being informed is key. Before you can tackle the pest problem in your home you will first have to get information on what is the pest type, nature, and extent of the problem.

Now you can identify the method to use to rid your home of the pest. Integrated Pest Management must be the basis of any pest control process. What this means is that a combination of mechanisms, chemicals, and environmental methods are employed to combat your problem.

Pest control services are always recommended instead of trying to handle the problem yourself, due to the time, effort and costs you will incur that will be significantly more than that of a professional.

Some pests are also of such a nature that it can be deadly for you to tamper and anger the creatures for example bees.

Specialist know-how is also required for some pests such as termites.

How To Avoid Your Plant From Sun Injury And Pests

Treatment intervals

Treatment intervals depend on the type of pest infestation. Regular applications are a common recommendation.


Prevention is always better than cure. Guarding your home against invasions need not be a costly mess and fuss. The solution is to make your home as unattractive as possible to the creatures.

Wood is the greatest pest magnet on the face of the earth, so avoid wood to ground contact, wood timbers for landscape purposes as well as wood piling near your home.

Replace your outside white light bulbs with yellow ones.

Chemical treatment

Chemical treatment is often the only solution for getting rid of pests, although not always preferred. This is often the case with huge, uncontrollable infestations. Luckily, less toxic chemical alternatives are now on the market with a limited effect on the environment and your health.

However great caution must still be exercised as it remains a chemical and chemicals are dangerous.

Chemical alternatives

Mechanical pest control is a very popular alternative to chemical treatments. Hormone, snap, light and sticky traps can be used to catch the irritating pest without the risk of poisoning yourself, family or pets.

However, these mechanisms can also hurt uninformed persons so take the time to tell them what the mechanism’s purpose is.

Be cautious

You should be very careful with pest control chemicals. Make sure you read the directions thoroughly and that you wear protective gear such as boots and long sleeve shirts. Although some less toxic alternative is available it does not mean that they are non-toxic and entirely safe.

Contact or inhalation of the chemicals by humans or pets can cause serious illness or even death. After-use storage is also a very important responsibility. Make sure that the chemicals are stored in a manner and place not easily accessible, preferably locked away.

Food containers or cool drink bottle usage for poison storage purposes can be fatal, so avoid this practice, please.

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  1. I have been stressing out because I can’t seem to get rid of the rodents in my house; that why I’m currently looking for a pest control service. I already tried using sticky straps and snap just like what you suggested, but it wasn’t effective enough. Although, I never knew that there are less toxic alternatives that I may use.


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