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Commercial Vacuum Cleaners – Made for the Workplace

Made for the Workplace, These Cleaners Are Great in the Home

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There is no good reason to not use an industrial vacuum cleaner in the home, especially if the user is not really hung up on aesthetics, because commercial floor machines are built for functionality not for looks.

Domestic Vac or Commercial Vac

For many, the choice of vacuum cleaner is kind of personal. It is also a big expense, so it is important to asses all the options and weigh up the possibilities before the purchase is made. There are two main factors to take into account when thinking of buying a commercial vacuum cleaner

  • Size of the area that needs to be cleaned regularly.
  • What kind of cleaning needs to be done – light or heavy; wet or dry?

Cleaning Area and Cleaning Needs in the Home

Maybe it is stating the obvious to say that the first option to look at when thinking of purchasing an industrial vacuum cleaner is the cleaning area in the home. How big is the area that needs to be cleaned on a regular basis? And what kind of cleaning needs to be done – is it heavy-duty cleaning; carpet cleaning, floors, tiles?

There is no doubt that the applications and abilities of certain floor machines coupled with a size that fits the home can add value to purchase and make the chore of cleaning the home much more pleasant and more effective – cost and otherwise.

What Kind of Commercial Vacuum Cleaner?

Whether they are domestic vacuum cleaners or commercial vacuum cleaners, they have all been designed to be functional – to pick up the dirt of some kind. Domestic vacuums are carefully branded and are usually pleasing to the eye although their design often compromises their function.

When one looks at their marketing campaigns they usually emphasize the “sleek design” or the color range” rather than the durability or functionality.

So, when it comes to functionality, if a buyer is looking for a floor machine to pick up soot or heavy dust or even water as well as clean the floors and carpets, a commercial vacuum cleaner is a good option.

These floor machines can pick up just about anything with their powerful motors and high flow air systems. Some of the best industrial vacuum cleaners are made by Bissel, Nilfisk, American Vacuums, EX Air, Nikro and DuroVac,

Industrial Vacs, Great in the Home

Commercial or industrial vacs were made for the workplace and for the kind of people who would be using them in the workplace, which is why they are tough, durable and robust and not at all easy to break.

They are usually sturdy floor machines with a predominance of metal, albeit painted or enameled. They are also powerful. Inside, they have a stronger and more powerful motor than domestic vacuums.

Commercial Vacuum Cleaners have Long Cords

An important element that has nothing to do with functionality or performance will be near the top of the list for the user of these floor machines in the home: commercial vacuum cleaners usually have long cords.

For the person vacuuming, this means that a larger area of the home can be vacuumed without having to stop, bend down, unplug, wind up the cord, move to the next room, unwind, plugin and start all over again


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