GardeningConcrete Sealing Is Necessary After Pressure Washing

Concrete Sealing Is Necessary After Pressure Washing

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In order to take good care of our walls, we need to wash them every after two to three years not just to make them look good but of course to ensure their foundation. But washing does not help in keeping their structure strong but concrete sealing does.

What are the Advantages of Concrete Sealing?

1) With proper procedures, concrete sealing can ensure that no water would creep in the small pores of the concrete walls. Once water would find its way in, it may result to crack and unwanted concrete damages.

2) Sealing also helps cleaning the surface of the concrete preventing any stain. This contributes to the physical look of your walls, which is also important in making our building presentable and accommodating.

Concrete sealing is just like painting your walls, giving it new looks and at the same time securing that no pores would result in any cracking.

Procedures to Follow In Concrete Sealing

1) Let your concrete dry completely after the pressure washing. However, it is important to note that when applying the sealer, make sure that it will not dry quickly because this may leave some streaks and lines on your walls.

2) Just like painting your walls, you may opt to use a paint roller for the convenience of the application. You just need to make that that the handles are tight enough to hold your rollers and make the procedure easier and more comfortable.

Concrete sealing must be done right

1) Mix the sealer using a wooden paint stick.

2) To target those small pores and imperfections on your concrete, you may use a medium-nap roller to ensure that the entire surface of your walls will be sealed.

3) For those corners that could not be reached by paint rollers, you may opt to use paintbrushes. It is important to remove excess sealer no to mess around your working place.

4) Roll the paint roller completely overlapping coats to make that that you will not miss any single dot in your wall.

5) After sealing, let it dry completely and you have the choice to do another coat.

Specific Instructions for Different Sealer Products

The above-mentioned are the basic steps to follow in applying a sealer. If you have purchased a sealer with specific instructions, you should always refer on the given procedure. Try to follow the direction provided to make the sealing process more effective.

Do it right and your concrete will last for years to come

Concrete sealing can be done by anyone who has the time to do the work. However, if you are not confident in performing such a job then you may opt to hire somebody who could be an expert on the field. But that would cost you some amount of cash that you can save if you will just do it by yourself.

The procedures are clear and there are many video tutorials available online that you can watch while you do the sealing job. Concrete sealing can be done during weekends even with kids or your partner, just to make sure that your walls would have a strong foundation.


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