GardeningCreate a Critter-Themed Garden

Create a Critter-Themed Garden

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Gardens don’t have to be boring — create a fun-themed garden to add whimsy and character to your landscape. One great option that will appeal to young and old alike is a critter-themed garden. It’s easy to create with a variety of plants and garden decorations and it’s sure to bring delight to all who visit. Use a few of these tips and ideas then add your own personal touches to create a garden that will bring you joy season after season.


Your critter garden can be whatever size you want it to be. You can choose to plant in-ground or use containers for more portability. Your garden could be a large area through which you have a winding walkway with benches to stop and enjoy, or it can simply be a small area with a seat where visitors can just sit and enjoy. The size will depend upon the amount of work you wish to put into the garden and the amount of space you have available in your yard.


Dollar stores are great resources for inexpensive garden decorations and if you are looking for ceramic and decorative critters for your garden, those stores may have exactly what you’re looking for. Be sure to check local garden centers also, although the prices may be higher.

Browsing through thrift stores and yard sales can also yield unique items that will find a permanent home in your new themed garden.


When you choose plants for your critter garden, choose not only plants that have animal and critter names but also plants that will attract critters to your garden. Colorful flowers will draw butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds, which will be beautiful living additions to your garden.

Check at local garden nurseries for plants but you can also order seeds and bare-root plants for nursery catalogs. If you know other local gardeners you may be able to get starts of plants that will go well in your critter garden.

For plants that have animal or critter names, try a few of these choices. Be sure to check on planting zone recommendations as some plants may not grow well in your area.

Here are my picks for great additions to a critter-themed garden: Elephant ears, lizard’s tail, zebra grass, coxcomb, bee balm, snapdragon, catmint, dogbane, butterfly bush, hummingbird vine, dragon’s tongue, cardinal flower.

Do your research — there are more planets out there that would be great choices for such a garden. Mix in a variety of wildflowers, perennials, annuals, bushes, grasses and vines to create a garden that will not only wow visitors and critters but will draw you into it day in and day out.


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