GardeningDaisies in My Garden - The Joy and Beauty of Daisies

Daisies in My Garden – The Joy and Beauty of Daisies

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No flower gives me as much pleasure as the daisy. Their blossoms, whether yellow or white, are like a ray of sunshine. Some even grow as wild flowers along the road to give beauty to the passer-by. In my backyard garden, since daisies are perennials, I anxiously watch for the plants to emerge from the earth each spring. Flowers from the prior year have dropped their seeds to produce new plants along with the established ones. I will have beautiful flowers in my garden through summer and into early fall.

Three of my favorites are listed below:

Gloriosa Daisy or Rudbeckia Hirta

This plant needs full sun to part shade and grows to reach 2-3 feet tall. It grows in almost any soil, blooming midsummer to early fall. The blossoms are 6 inches in diameter. The center is brown with petals in shades of yellow, gold, and mahogany. Gloriosas make a perfect backdrop for the shorter flowers toward the front of a garden.

Shasta or Crazy Daisy

Shasta is another perennial daisy that requires full to part sun. It grows 6-12 inches high so stands more to the front of the garden. The blossoms are 3 inches across and are white or yellow with a deep yellow center. The plant flowers all summer but blooms more when deadheaded. (Cut the dead blooms off back to the first green leaf)

Black-Eyed Susan

This state flower of Maryland is considered a wildflower by some. It likes any soil, needs full sun, grows to 2-3 feet tall, and blooms June through August. The blossoms are 3-4 inches in diameter and are yellow with brown centers.

Each of these daisies reseeds itself, adding to the garden each year. When purchased in a pot at a garden center, there are several plants growing together. When planting, dig a hole large enough to allow the root system to spread. Place the dirt from the hole into a wheelbarrow or a bucket. Mix fertilizer (garden centers carry several brands especially for flowers) into the dirt.

Place the plant into the hole, replace the dirt/fertilizer mixture around it, and tamp it down. Water thoroughly and often. Lightly fertilize monthly. Daisies can also be planted from seed following the directions on the package. Daisies from pots can be separated in the spring by pushing a trowel or spade through the center of the plant to divide into two. Daisies can give beauty to a garden inexpensively for years to come. They also make beautiful bouquets. Try some daisies in your garden for a sunny reminder of God’s beauty.


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