Dogs and Elders

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Dogs are wonderful creatures and they come with many amazing health benefits! If you are an elder or a little one, you should have a pet dog in your life. According to experts, people with pet dogs enjoy healthy aging. That is because dogs can help you find a new meaning in life and experience endless joys. As you age, you are bound to go through physical and emotional changes. You may start to avoid things that once gave your life purpose. By caring for pet dogs, your overall optimism, self-worth, and morale will improve. This is why elders are advised to have a pet dog. Having a dog by your side will keep you occupied and never alone.

Staying Happy

Dogs and Elders
Dogs and Elders

Elders find it very difficult to stay in touch. Maintaining social contacts is a difficult task for older people. Relocation, illnesses, and retirement can detach you from the normal world. When you find the process of making new friends difficult, you should have a pet dog! Older adults can make amazing conversations and come across people with similar interests with a dog. Of course, dogs will boost your vitality too! There are several physical challenges you can overcome with dogs. When compared with cats, dogs are more playful, happy and active. The furry little ones will definitely improve your energy level and boost immunity.

Handling Alzheimer’s Disease

Elders with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease should own dogs. Alzheimer patients go through several behavioral issues. These issues are often related to stress. A study that was done at the University of California revealed that dog owners are less likely to suffer stress or anxious outbursts. Dogs act as a source of positive conversations (non-verbal). Their gentle nature can soothe Alzheimer’s disease. Sooner, you will be able to get rid of aggressive behavior too.

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