KitchenElectric Carving Knive Reviews

Electric Carving Knive Reviews

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The days of heavy, hard-to-manage electric carving knives are long gone. These knives are now making a comeback as practical and easy-to-use utensils. Not only will an electric carving knife neatly slice through a roast but can easily slice through other foods items such as French or homemade bread with a thick crust.

Electric carving knives have two serrated blades that can cut through all kinds of foods. The two identical serrated blades work by moving rapidly in opposing directions. When the knife is turned on it creates a sawing motion that creates a steady cutting action. Most knives can be cut in various thicknesses.

If you think that electric carving knives are only for holiday turkeys or roasts, think again. You can easily purchase a turkey, ham, or roast beef on sale, slice it with an electric carving knife and use it as sandwich meat. And with the high cost of deli meats, it makes good sense to slice your own. You can easily get year-round use with an electric carving knife.

Black and Decker Slice Right

According to Cuisine at Home, this knife cuts the thinnest slice of turkey or roast beef of other knives tested. It also cut cleanly through a loaf of French bread. It is a little noisier than the other knives reviewed, but it comes with its own storage case and includes a serving fork.

Oster 2803 Inspire Electric Knife

This carving knife features a nice weight balanced by a handy grip. It cleans up nicely and is suitable for everyday use. The motor housing is rounded at the bottom of the knife, so when it is placed on the counter it rolls sideways. It is reasonably priced and comes with a serving fork.

Sonic Blade

Sonic Blade Cordless Rechargeable Knife

Not only does this knife do an excellent job at cutting through the roast, it also is great for frosting a cake! This carving knife has a very quiet motor. The knife is cordless and comes with a rechargeable battery and a charging stand. It also comes with an extra blade with a rounded tip and a food fork. Although the overall knife quality is good, this product is not as powerful as the other knives reviewed because it is battery-powered.


Cuisinart AC Electric Knife, One Size, Black

This carving knife features an extra-long cord that provides maximum maneuverability. The knife also comes with a wide bread blade that slices easily through homemade loaves. It also comes with a butcher block storage stand and a knife handle that is similar in feel to a traditional chef’s knife.

Hamilton Beach 74250 Carve ‘n Set

Hamilton Beach Electric Knife for Carving Meats, Poultry, Bread, Crafting Foam & More, Storage Case & Serving Fork Included, White

This is a reasonably priced electric carving knife that comes with a fork and handy storage case. It is easy to disassemble and clean. The knife has a nonslip trigger and easily carves meats and slices homemade and crusty French bread.


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