GardeningGrowing a Vegetable Garden with Your Kids

Growing a Vegetable Garden with Your Kids

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Kids love digging in the dirt. Why not start a garden for you both to care for and be rewarded by eating the yummy vegetables you grow. For me it is pretty much trial and error. Keep trying things until you find what works for your family and you and your kids will have fun trying.

Visit your local hardware store to buy seeds, pots and potting soil. There isn’t a need to find space in your yard to make a garden in the ground. All you need to do is plant them in a pot. I find this easier and if you have a deck just put them up there so wild life won’t help themselves. It is best to have a deep pot, at least 8 inches for good root growth.

Plant your seeds in the potting soil and cover with plastic wrap or make a homemade greenhouse. You’ll want moisture to trap for the seed to start growing. Once it does you can remove the plastic wrap. Some great varieties to grow indoors are cherry tomatoes, carrots, peas, radishes, sweet banana peppers, and cucumbers. Don’t forget your vegetables will need plenty of sunlight. Put them by a window or place them outside in warm weather.

I love growing herbs indoors. It is super easy and great for cooking. All you need is a planting box, seeds or seedlings, potting soil and a sunny spot. The kids can help you cut the herbs as you need it for cooking.

Your kids will have a blast trying to grow and avocado tree. Start off by using the pit from a fresh avocado. Wash off the pit and stick 3 toothpicks around the center of the pit. Place the seed in a cup with the narrow part up and the fat part down. Place enough water in cup to cover the bottom. Add water every few days to keep the bottom wet. In 7-10 days see some roots growing and stems shooting up. When there are 2 sets of leaves you can plant it in a pot with potting soil. Just keep it in the sunniest spot of the house.

Gardening is a great in so many ways. You will get to spend time with your children teaching them how fruits and vegetables grow, save money since you won’t have to buy it at the grocery store, and I find it relaxing. You can make gardening into a great learning experience for you kids. You never know how your vegetable will grow and you can try different spots and amounts of sun. Let your kids keep a journal as to what they are doing and how the vegetables grow.


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