FoodHealth Benefits of Green Tea - A 101 Guide

Health Benefits of Green Tea – A 101 Guide

Green Tea Health Benefits

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Green Tea can be used for many things. Green tea can be a very good source of energy and it’s not bad for your health like caffeine is. Green tea fights the bad cells in your body and keeps your immune system strong. The reasons green tea is so good for you is because it has a lot of antioxidants. It’s always good to have a lot of antioxidants every day in our diet. Some doctors might tell you this but green tea is better than juice or soda.

The reason for this is because green tea has 0 sugar and 0 calories. So it’s a great drink to have if you want to lose weight.

In fact, the only thing better than green tea is water and or freshly made natural juice. If you are thinking of drinking green tea try to find a good brand that is imported. The more authentic the tea the better the results will be! Have a great day and may you be blessed with good health!

Reasons Why You Should Drink Green Tea

Green tea has become a popular product for consumers in the last 10 years upon the announcement of its potential health benefits. Drinking a few cups of green tea every day can provide you with many lifelong benefits.

Promotes weight loss.

The polyphenols of green tea help to dissolve sugar and fat from the intestines. Green tea also contains EGCG, which helps stimulate the metabolism to promote weight loss. Because green tea also contains caffeine, it causes your nervous system to release fat into the bloodstream to be used as fuel that your body burns off.

Lowers cancer risk.

The EGCG in green tea inhibits cancer growth by killing cells that are growing inappropriately.

Eases symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

The polyphenol antioxidants in green tea benefit arthritis sufferers by reducing the severity. EGCG reduces joint swelling, pain, and cartilage destruction.

Slows the aging process.

Green tea is able to reduce the aging process and prevent wrinkle development. The powerful antioxidants prevent cell oxidation and damage that make you look older.

Reduces acne.

Green tea has both anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help to work against the growth of acne. The antioxidants also help to fight against free radicals that cause the skin to be more susceptible to acne.

Reduce heart disease.

The antioxidants in green tea are dilators, which help to improve the flexibility of blood vessels. This makes them less susceptible to clogging.

I was given a container of Brown & Ashley Gourmet green Tea Collection for Christmas. There are 5 canisters, each has 20 tea bags, with a separate flavor of tea.There is; Raspberry twist, Orange spice, Lemon zest, Apple Orchard and Mango.

I am well aware of the antioxidants and health benefits of green tea. It aids digestion, decreases appetite, boosts metabolism, and may help with cancer prevention. What I did not know, was if each one of these 5 flavors, had any additional healthy properties. Each canister says there are natural and artificial flavors in each tea bag. I was unable to verify if all 5 flavors are totally artificial except for the green tea.

Here is what is known about these 5 flavors of tea, in the natural. Lemon added to green tea, enhances the antioxidants, so I add a little lemon juice plus organic honey to sweeten. Natural orange spice or orange peels have the same antioxidant properties as black tea. Raspberry tea is good for men whose testosterone levels have dropped, and aids women’s reproductive systems.

Apples are loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. If there is any natural apple in this tea that would be great. Mango tea is supposed to be beneficial for Diabetes, and related heart health issues. If there is a combination of natural and artificial mango, apple, raspberry, lemon and orange, in these teas, you will get the extra benefits.

If not, and green tea is the only natural ingredient, in the Brown & Ashley collection, then at the least, you will enjoy a delicious flavorful cup of tea, (3 months worth), with all of green tea’s healthy properties. And have 5 canisters left over you can use.

In addition to the health benefits, I really enjoy the soothing calming effect of tea. And I often mix various teas. I cannot taste any difference, when I mix green and black tea. I do notice a slight change in taste, when I mixed all 5 of the Brown & Ashley teas, one with another.

I only use two flavors at a time. I have also added organic apple juice, Welches grape juice, prune juice and cranberry juice to green and black tea. It gives a twist to the taste. You can come up with your own variations.

A Little Known Fact About Green Tea and Its Health Benefits

Everyone has heard how terrific green tea is for your health, but most people are not aware of what all of its wonderful healing and protective benefits are. Not only do the components of green tea help to induce weight loss, prevent tooth decay, lower blood pressure and keep cancer at bay, but surprisingly, green tea has also demonstrated the ability to lower blood glucose levels by enabling insulin to become more sensitive.

Before the discovery of injected insulin, being diagnosed with type I diabetes was a death sentence. Science has come a long way since then, enabling those with any type of diabetes to live longer and higher quality lives. The list of pharmaceuticals to keep blood glucose levels in check has grown profoundly over the years, but the major question is, are these medications safe?

Every medication has side effects, and despite each particular medication’s advantages, they have the potential to cause irreversible damage in the body. Of course controlling the potentially debilitating effects of having blood glucose levels far outweighs the potential for serious side effects. Just drinking 2-3 cups of green tea on a daily basis, or taking some type of green tea supplement can help to minimize the necessity for these medications. Caffeine is known for increasing blood glucose levels, so ensuring that the green tea that you purchase is decaffeinated is important. The decaffeinated version of green tea still contains its beneficial factors, simply without the caffeine.

It is important to remember that when incorporating green tea into your diet, you should never stop taking any prescription medication without a doctor’s permission, and to monitor your glucose levels regularly. When your blood glucose levels do drop, a doctor will determine whether or not your medication needs to be decreased or discontinued. If your goal is to get off your medication, though, green tea alone will not produce this result if your diet remains full of fast foods, double portions and junk food. Following a healthy diet along with the green tea and exercise are excellent ways to lower blood glucose levels.

You can’t go wrong with green tea-a few servings a day, customized to taste the way you like, can prolong your life by normalizing the actions of the insulin that is produced by your body. Drink it hot or cold, sweetened or unsweetened, or with cinnamon and honey to experience additional benefits that you never thought were possible. Who would have ever thought that such a delicious tasting drink could be so healthy? Obviously, not all “health” drinks taste awful.

The Benefits for You and Your Family

Did you know that tea has been used for thousands of years by the Chinese as a health supplement? In recent years, this tea has been the subject of numerous scientific and medical studies to determine the health benefits of green tea.

You need to know what green tea is before you buy and use tea or supplements related to tea. This will help you understand the health benefits. This tea is tea from leaves, which originate in Southeast Asia.

There are a lot of green teas, but the versions are minimal, and in particular during the oxidation treatment and unfermented tea. Oxidation and changes in ownership affect the taste of green tea.

Green tea contains a significant quantity of a chemical called EGCG, a powerful antioxidant. These are antioxidants that protect DNA against free radicals, reducing the possibility of tumor cells developing in the body.

Studies have shown that tea may be the precursor of enzymes that protect the body against substances that cause cancer, reducing the levels of a substance that is the key to the development of cancer cells, cancer and cell types in the destruction of our bodies.

There is also a study of heavy smokers who drank 4 cups of green tea per day for four months. It is beneficial for the health of the tea to reduce tobacco consumption, and there have also been signs of DNA damage to their bodies by smoking. There was an amazing 31% decrease in the damage to their DNA!

Other persons who drink green tea, help with arthritis, lower cholesterol, improve good cholesterol (HDL) to bad (LDL)-cholesterol, cardiovascular diseases, infections, more calories burned and the immune system.

We do not know what they can, without question, what the various health benefits of green tea extract may be. But, drinking green tea versus green tea supplementation offers all the advantages, but there is no need to remember the daily dose. You also have the benefits of caffeine.

I recommend that the proportion of the extract in the bottle be at least 80% of the extract in pill form. I say this because you can find the lower rates of 20% in some products. Make sure that you research the products you purchase.

It makes no sense to buy products of poor quality and not just any tea will do.

Green Tea Will Make You Lose Weight

I’ve been drinking green tea for the past two years and I can say from experience that green tea sure is a miracle product. It’s not costly but it’s very potent. It has only one side effect and that is that it keeps you awake. It does contain caffeine. Green tea helps me lose weight daily. I’ve experience good results with green tea. I sleep normally even though it keep some people awake at night. It depends on how you will respond to it.

The Chinese use to have a saying that you rather skip three meals than one cup of tea because it’s so beneficial for your health. Green tea is one of the main ingredients in most diet pills if you look at the label. Green tea will increase your metabolism and suppress your appetite at the same time. Green tea can calm down your indigestion, bloating, and tiredness after eating. It only cost around $5 for a large pack of 50 tea bag.

Ever since I been drinking green tea, I haven’t experience any indigestion, bloating or tiredness after eating. There were time when I didn’t drink green tea and I was experiencing all kinds of digestive problems. Green tea has help my day to go by better without experiencing any digestive difficulty. Green tea doesn’t have any adverse effects on your health. It has only positive results. You should only take 2-3 tea bags for one cup of hot water and not any more because it can lead to bad taste and possibly too concentrated.

Benefits of Green Tea

Today, Green Tea is highly popular among health-conscious people. Although green tea originally came from China, it has now become widespread and popular in Asia, Middle East and also in the West. Leaves of Camellia sinensis are mainly used to prepare green tea. These leaves are prepared under nominal oxidation. This kind of tea primarily goes through four stages before it becomes ready to consume: Steaming, Rolling, Firing and Packing. Green tea generally appears pale yellowish in color and is light in taste. Green tea contains highest levels of polyphenols.

Nowadays, different types of green tea are grown under varied growing environments, methods and time frame. Green tea is a popular and age long drink in India, China, Japan and Thailand. In ancient times, green tea was particularly used as a stimulant. It was also used for varied urinary problems, to cure lesions, issues with bleeding and to improve coronary diseases. Research and medical science have already come up with startling benefits of green tea. Let us now find out the most important benefits of drinking green tea:

Studies and scientific research shows that regular consumption of green tea helps fight cancer, protects skin from the harmful effects of UV rays and lessens the risk of diabetes and heart diseases to a certain extent. Research studies have shown that polyphenols present in green tea help in slowing down the growth rate of breast cancer cells. Women who consume more than 3 cups of green tea have been found less prone to breast cancer; it also protects the body from recurrence of the disease. Green tea even controls stomach, skin, pancreatic, colorectal and prostrate cancer.

Green tea also helps in controlling the blood sugar level in our body. Studies show that regular intake of green tea averts the occurrence of Type 1 diabetes and slows down its development.

Daily consumption of green tea lowers the cholesterol level. Results have shown that green tea obstructs the intestine from absorbing the cholesterol, thereby excreting it out of the body. It even helps in reducing the growth of LDL cholesterol in blood which has been found high among smokers. Drinking green tea daily helps in reducing and controlling weight and sharpening the mind. Hence, green tea is highly popular these days for fighting obesity.

Although these are the best and well-known benefits of green tea, this magic drink even helps in rejuvenating our mind and body and provides a glow to our skin and hair, as it contains antioxidants and vitamins which boost our body, thus giving us a healthier look. More and more health conscious people today have taken to consuming green tea regularly to stay fit, healthy and active.


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