BusinessHow to Handle Exotic Car Rentals like a Pro

How to Handle Exotic Car Rentals like a Pro

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The elation generated by the thought of driving an exotic car is usually unparalleled. This excitement is often palpable for the dwellers of the city of Los Angeles. The sight of a unique car, which stands out from the crowd, fascinates this city’s residents to the core.

For instance, a glamorous arrival onboard an exotic car elicits utmost admiration. Thus, it is critical to recall the following advice to make such a stunning entry seamless. The tips are indispensible in the process of sifting through your exotic car rental alternatives.

Source the Exotic Rental Car from a Company rather than an Individual

Lamborghini Veneno Roadstar

It is important to source rental cars from rental car firms rather than from individuals. The rationale is that rental firms have insurance that covers both their cars and clients in case of an accident.

The case is different with cars from individuals, as their insurance covers do not cater for third parties. This leaves you vulnerable in case of any incidents that may require the intervention of the insurer.

Set Aside Time to Examine the Car before the Material Day

Upcoming car rental firms have the annoying habit of placing cars that they do not own on their websites to lure clients in. On the material day, they’ll give all sorts of excuses to hoodwink you into accepting one of their available cars.

Fortunately, this trap is completely avoidable. J

Visit the firm one day before your appointed rental date. Should there be excuses of any kind concerning the availability of the car; that’s red alert! Ask for a refund and get your car of choice from elsewhere.

Eliminate All Ambiguities around Rental Miles

Ferrari F60 America
Ferrari F60 America

Typically, renting a car from a car rental firm earns you some miles as part of the rental cost. The distance is predetermined depending on the agreement between the contracting parties. Once the “free” miles run out, firms charge a fixed cost for each extra mile.

You should ensure that the same or similar terms apply to your exotic rental car. It beats logic to impress onlookers only to be rendered bankrupt by a mileage bill afterwards.

Remember to Double-Check that Lamborghini Rental

Aston Martin Vulcan

The allure of modern technology has lulled people to the extent that they view technology as the panacea to all their problems.

When renting a car, especially an exotic one, do not fall prey to this pitfall. Booking a rental car via a company website is becoming the norm. However, prior to making any commitments, speak to a company representative via phone.

This will create room for clarification on both ends. If there is no phone number or the one provided on the company website is dysfunctional, just switch to an alternative car rental firm.

Beware of Overly Lenient Airport-Based Car Rental Firms  

Mostly, people tend to go for rental cars from airport-based firms due to their low rates, which appear more attractive in comparison to off-airport providers. The problem with these firms is that they charge some hidden additional costs. Their quoted prices are often quite attractive, but the additional charges make it a more costly choice.

Mostly, this is because the tax charges at airports are higher than on the outside. Moreover, airport car rentals attract further charges from city authorities. The bottom line is, do not let their seemingly attractive rates deceive you.

A Door-To-Door Car Rental Service is your Best Option

Not all car rental firms offer this option, especially for exotic cars, but it is an option to which you should pay close attention.

The thrill of renting an exotic car lies in posing as its owner. As such, picking the car from the rental company’s car yard robs the adventure of its essence. The way to go is to seek a company that can provide the door-to-door service.

Upcoming companies tend to be more willing to provide this service due to their tendency to over-impress their clients. Scout them out.

Request a Test Drive

Koenigsegg Regera

Driving an exotic car comes with a tingle of some sort, even for a long time car owner. It’s easy to get overwhelmed. Therefore, the way to keep oneself under check is to go for a test drive before the material day. Even if it is permissible only within the rental company’s premises, take it.

The test drive will address the initial excitement and gives you some experience. This way, it becomes easier to handle the car on the material day.

Finally, Examine the Car Closely before You Drive it

Standard practice is that once you drive a rental car off the leasing company’s premises, any problems with the car become your problems. As such, it is prudent to examine both the inside and outside of the car thoroughly before you take it out.

The things to lookout for include dents, scratches, nicks and any other issues that may require repairs such as bruises and debris. You should then inform your handler of your findings and ensure any problem enters the record books before you leave.

Failure to draw the company’s attention to such problems moves the responsibility of rectifying them from the company to you as the last person to handle the car.

Concluding Remarks

The contemporary world places immense work and career pressure upon individuals, leading to stress-filled lives. The way to navigate this tough life is to take some time off, maybe once or even twice every year.

Families often dedicate such breaks to vacations or get-togethers. At such times, it is perfectly normal to spend some money on the exotic car of your dreams. These cars provide the much-needed prestigious means of travelling long distances to the selected destinations for memorable holiday experiences.

As mentioned earlier, the city of Los Angeles is full of individuals with a knack for speedy, adventure-filled lives. It is okay if you are different, but it will not hurt to go for the excitement occasionally by exploring Los Angeles in a rented exotic car.

The process may seem intimidating if you are new to it. However, the secret is to remember the key points. Write a checklist if you have to. This extra precaution will guarantee you a seamless experience with your exotic rental car.


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