Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Knives: From Japan to your Kitchen

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If you’re tired of knives that lose their sharpness in a hurry and squash rather than cleanly slice fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, then the Kyocera Advanced Ceramics FK Revolution Series and the FK Knife & Peeler set are made to measure.

The 3” pairing knives and 4.5” utility knives (along with an Everything Peeler) comes with white, zirconium oxide blades that stay sharp at least ten times longer than traditional metal knives (they look like finely crafted ceramic- which in essence they are).

In fact, famed chef Ming Tsai (of Blue Ginger and PBS TV series fame) prefers the Kyocera brand knives in his daily restaurant use – he’s particularly fond of the knives for all of his sushi and sashimi cutting needs!

These handy beauties are designed to offer cooks more knuckle clearance when chopping or slicing fruits, vegetables and boneless meats. The peeler is perfect for cheese, chocolate, carrots- even delicate tomatoes! They’re made in Japan where they undergo a meticulous process that includes being vacuum sealed for twenty-four hours at 20,000 tons of pressure to ensure you get the most durable product possible.

A few other key features that make these knives kitchen must-haves include:

  • Sharper than steel blades – the zirconium oxide (a highly advanced ceramic) allows the blade to be sharpened to microscopic precision by diamond wheels. What does this mean for the home or professional cook? Unlike metal blades which roll after use, these blades maintain their rock-like edge to give you more sharp usage. And when you need to re-sharpen your knife after years of service, Kyocera provides a complimentary sharpening service (knife owners pay only for shipping and handling).
  • No-rust promise – because these blades are ceramic, they never rust or change from its natural state. The blades are completely impervious to oils, acids, juices, salts and other ingredients- this means your food’s flavour, scent or appearance will not change due to the knife. And because the surface is smooth and polished, it helps ward off germs.
  • Hard working and light weight – these knives are half the weight of equivalent knives made of other materials. The ceramic blade is light and no added weight is needed on the handle which gives you an extremely balanced cutting experience. Say goodbye to hand fatigue!

TIPS on use:

  • Do use a wood or plastic cutting board.
  • Do not use on stone or ceramic plate to cut.
  • Do hand wash using warm water and mild detergent.
  • Do not put in the dishwasher (most any good knife should not be placed in the dishwasher).

The FK Revolution series comes in new, snappy handle colours including blue, green, yellow, orange, red and black handle (the latter also has a black blade) while the Utility knife and peeler comes in a black or red set. Other handy Kyocera products include an adjustable Mandoline slicer, durable kitchen scissors and ceramic spice grinders.

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Jemy O'Neil
Jemy O'Neil
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