Save Money with Container Gardening

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Container gardening is an excellent way in which to provide wholesome food at a fraction of the cost. Depending on whether you plant from seed or purchase the plant from your local hardware store, nursery, or feed and seed determines the amount of money you will save. At each of these locations, you can also discuss the variety of plants, the care of your small garden, and the available options for containers.

The Costs

The most cost-effective gardening is to purchase seeds and grow until the plants are sturdy, then transplant into a container. This method is more time consuming and requires an area to hold the seedlings. Seedlings also need a constant temperature with few fluctuations until they are mature enough to transplant.

Sturdy young plants are easier to handle and have a higher success rate for production and survival. The weakest plants have died out, leaving room for the stronger to survive. The plants also handle fluctuations in temperature and minimal damage much better than their younger counterparts.

Choosing Your Plants

When choosing your plants consider what you want to accomplish. If your main goal is to save money, choose plants you regularly purchase from the supermarket. If you eat a lot of salads choose plants that make up a healthy salad. Lettuce, tomato, onion, and cucumber would be a good selection. Choosing plants that you would ordinarily purchase from a supermarket is where you have the opportunity to save the most money.

Once you’ve decided which plants you would like in your garden you will need to choose the healthiest plants. To choose a healthy plant you will need to look for damage. Look for strong leaves without any browning or discoloration. Choose a plant with a strong center, this is where the nutrients travel up and down and is a direct indicator of health. Now that you’ve chosen the healthiest plants you are ready to choose your container.


The savings can vary depending on what type of container you choose. There are a variety of containers wherever plants are sold. Choosing a new, store-bought container is the most expensive form. Keep in mind, just about anything can be used as a container for your plants. A five-gallon bucket with a couple of holes in the bottom and the outside spray painted is an excellent cost saving container and adds a little whimsy to outside décor. The key is to look at things around the house or apartment and visualize your plants inside. Is the container deep enough and wide enough to hold the intended plant? If the answer is yes, then you’re ready to begin.


Whenever choosing to start a container garden, remember to consider your goals. There are a variety of avenues available to help you reach your goal and the fun is in experimenting with the various options.

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