KitchenSetting up a Bachelor's Kitchen

Setting up a Bachelor’s Kitchen

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Bachelors run the gamut, from GQ Pretty Boys with penthouse flats to the Alpha Male with a bench press in the living room. But the longer they are bachelors, the less a single guy will want to use his Swiss Army knife for everything.

Both the store-front and online retailers are set up with testosterone-driven customers in mind, and they offer many options that negate the need for guys to own anything covered in flowers or cute little hearts.

Setting the Bachelor’s Table

Before a Bachelor invites his lady over for their first romantic dinner at his place, he must realize that paper or plastic is an absolute no-no when he wants to create a romantic ambiance. Men must invest in these basics:

  • Dinnerware – Dinnerware pieces can be purchased separately and assembled to create a custom eclectic look, but it is advisable for Bachelors to buy in sets until their inner Nate Berkus kicks in. A typical set will include 4 to 8 dinner plates, luncheon plates, soup bowls, and mugs. Look for earthenware, geometric designs, or bold colors. Creative bachelors might enjoy the J C Penney’s Mix and Match Dinnerware Collection that allows them to create a custom look within a selection of precoordinated pieces. Many sets also offer a coordinated 3-piece serving set.
  • Flatware – There is no need for a single guy to get too fancy or expensive when it comes to their flatware, but they MUST have a set! IKEA sells a wide selection of simple patterns with 60-piece sets under $40. A guy should buy Stainless Steel and stay away from anything with plastic handles as they tend to scream “cheap” and disintegrate eventually.
  • Glassware – Every respectable bachelor will already own a few beer glasses, but he will want to supplement them with some classier, everyday glassware (for his Mom) and stemmed glasses (for the ladies). Single guys can compromise by purchasing a set of stemmed Iced Tea Glasses that works double-duty for Mom or Lady Lola.

If a bachelor wants to really simplify his shopping experience, he can look for sets that combine dinnerware, flatware, and glassware, such as IKEA’s ‘Startbox Plus’ which runs around $90 for a setting for six!

Cooking in the Bachelor’s Kitchen

These basic items will prepare a Bachelor for almost any cooking event in his kitchen:

Cookware: Unless a single guy really enjoys cooking, they can get away with just a few pieces of cookware. If they scored the cast iron camping pans from the divorce, they might be set for a while. If not, they will probably like the hard-anodized line of non-stick cookware from Circulon, buying pieces, to begin with.

Many retailers offer a two-pan set that includes a 10 and 12-inch skillet for under $50 perfect for bachelor’s kitchens. (Note: Some plans do not come with lids). Some guys might prefer buying an electric skillet over the cooktop varieties. If a bachelor likes pasta, he can buy a Farberware straining stockpot cooker on their next Home Depot shopping trip!

Bowls: A nice 3-piece bowl set in graduated sizes will be all that most guys will ever need!

The Bachelor’s Must-Have Utensil Set

At a minimum, every bachelor needs a spatula (eggs), long fork (barbeque) and slotted spoon (noodles). For around twenty bucks, most retailers offer a utensil set with these items that fill a ceramic tub that can sit neatly on the single guy’s counter beside the stove. Kitchenaid has compiled an 18-piece Tool & Gadget set that is a bachelor’s dream when it comes to one-stop-shopping, as it includes almost any utensil a guy might ever need in the kitchen!

Bachelors need to be prepared to open cans, pop bottle tops, and uncork wine bottles on a regular basis. The Kitchenaid Tool & gadget set includes a hand-operated can opener which guys seem to be okay with, but if he is more inclined toward electric gadgets, he might like the whirling sound and sleek look of the West Bend Black Electric can opener. It also opens bottles and sharpens knives!

For those wine bottles, a dating bachelor will probably enjoy showing off his mechanical skills by using one of the Rabbit Corkscrews that is advertised to pop a cork off in 3-seconds flat with its ball-bearing action! That sounds so guy-like, doesn’t it?

Knife Set and Cutting Board

Speaking of sharp knives, if single guys reflect back to their fish cleaning experiences, they’ll usually agree that good, sharp knives are a must when it comes to food preparation. Even if a bachelor will just be chopping a few vegetables or slicing beef, they should invest in a decent high-carbon-steel knife set that comes in a storage block (store the knives in their slots blade side UP). Most guys will probably enjoy researching this topic themselves at the portal.

When preparing foods, separate cutting boards should be used for meats and vegetables to prevent cross-contamination. The cutting boards can be made of long-lasting Acrylic or Polypropylene, or that ages-old, environmentally-friendly, renewable resource: Wood!

Putting the Bachelor Kitchen Basics Together

With the above-listed items, the average Bachelor should be able to do this in his kitchen next Saturday night:

  • Boil quartered red potatoes in his stockpot.
  • Thinly slice a sirloin steak and braise it in his 12-inch skillet and top it off with a can of button mushrooms he opened using his hand-held or electric can opener.
  • Sauté fresh green beans and bacon in his 10-inch skillet.
  • Mix up a Caesar Salad in his medium bowl and serve using the wooden utensils from his utensil set.

Now, this Bachelor can show off his home-cooked cuisine, using his masculine-inspired dinnerware and flatware. During dinner, he can toast his lady with chilled Chardonnay (after impressing her by opening the bottle in 3 seconds flat with his Rabbit), served in double-duty, stemmed iced-tea glasses. If this Bachelor adds a little soft music, a few candles, and some store-bought chocolate-covered strawberries for dessert, who knows what the night might hold?


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