The Secrets to Building a Beautiful Flower Garden

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Flower gardens are a great way to enhance the eye appeal of the average yard. A well thought out garden will provide endless hours of fragrant enjoyment, planting, tending, or simply meditating, amidst the beautiful flowers and greenery you choose to plant.

Pick an area in the yard where you want to build your garden, typically flower gardens are planted near the house, but they can be placed anywhere. Clear away any plants, rocks, or other debris, then dig up the soil to about 6 inches deep. Mix compost into the soil to add needed nutrients. Decide what kinds of plants you want to grow, being sure to pick plants that are best suited to the location of your garden, as it is important to know how much sun, or what type of soil; your plants need to thrive.

Retaining Walls—Are They Necessary?

If your flower garden is in an area of the yard where heavy rainfall is likely to wash away the soil, you might consider putting a retaining wall around part, or all, of the garden to avoid losing the nutrient-rich soil, or plants. Some cities and towns require homeowners to get a building permit before building a retaining wall, so be sure to check with your cities ordinances before beginning construction. Large stones should be placed at the bottom of the wall to form the base then continue to build with smaller stones until the wall reaches the desired height.

Choose Flowers with Vibrant Colors and Pleasing Aromas

When you add flowers with colors that you like, you are creating a place you will enjoy spending time tending. Choose plant varieties that will grow well, and provide vibrant colors and pleasing aromas. Trees, shrubs, and flowering bushes, also make great additions to flower gardens. Decide if you want to plant your garden from seed, or from already existing plant life.“Seed” expert Renee Shepherd says, “Seeds are an easy way to add a variety of plants to barren beds without busting your budget.”

Eye-Catching Ideas for You’re Flower Garden

If your garden is large enough you may want to add a stone path, so visitors won’t accidentally trample your carefully tended flowers. A strategically placed bench, gazebo, waterfall, or stone statue can turn even the most average looking yard into a landscaper’s dream.

The Trick to a Thriving Flower Garden is Proper Planning

When planning to build a flower garden you need to decide on the perfect location. Ready the soil with the proper nutrients, and decide if you will need a retaining wall. Choose between using seeds, already existing plants, or both. To finalize your garden, add stone paths, waterfalls, statues or other pleasing yard art, to effectively turn your yard into a beautifully landscaped showplace that is sure to make you proud.

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