The Seven Easiest Vegetables to Grow in a Home Garden

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Rising costs at the grocery store combined with concerns of unhealthy pesticide use and possible contamination of fresh vegetables has led many people to try their hand at growing fresh vegetables in a home garden. Growing fresh vegetables in a home garden is always a work in progress and most gardening success is learned through trial and error, but these seven easy to grow vegetables will get the garden growing process off to a good start.

Tomatoes are Easy to Grow Garden Favorites

Tomato plants require two things to grow strong and produce an abundant crop of tomatoes – plenty of sunlight and water. Garden tomatoes come in a wide variety of sizes, textures and colors, will grow equally well when planted in-ground or in a container planter as long as their sunlight and water needs are met.

Versatile Zucchini Squash

Zucchini squash is a rapid growing garden plant that will produce a harvest of delectable and versatile zucchini about one month after planting. Zucchini squash grow on vines and will need a little garden space to grow. Plant zucchini in well-drained soil in a sunny location and enjoy the fresh versatility of this garden vegetable raw, steamed, grilled, fried or baked.

Any Pepper Variety Grows Easily in Home Garden

Sweet or spicy, mild or hot, any pepper variety is easy to grow in the home garden. Choose a favorite pepper plant or two and plant in garden soil that is high in magnesium. Discover the level of magnesium in garden soil with a soil testing kit or by taking a soil sample to the local county extension office. If the garden soil needs to be higher in magnesium for optimum pepper plant growth, mix compost and a handful of Epsom salt into the garden soil prior to planting time.

Loose Leaf or Head Lettuce

Any variety of lettuce is easy to grow in the home garden and is the basis for the other fresh salad and sandwich ingredients that can be grown in the garden. Plant the choice of lettuce seeds directly into the garden soil or container eight inches apart after the soil has warmed up in the spring or cooled down in the early fall. Water lettuce in the morning instead of at night so the sun will evaporate the moisture off the lettuce leaves and prevent disease from developing.

Root Vegetables – Carrots and Beets

Carrots and beets do their growing under the garden soil and both require the same basic growing conditions – well-drained soil and plenty of moisture during early development. Once the carrot and beet plants begin to mature, water less frequently so the vegetables can mature to sweet perfection without splitting. Both the roots and green tops of carrots and beets can be eaten.

Garden Fresh Peas

Garden peas grow on small, compact plants and each plant will produce a bountiful harvest of fresh peas. Plant peas when all danger of frost has passed in the springtime, and plant in well-draining garden soil. Pea plants like their soil to be kept moist throughout the growing season but will not tolerate soggy, wet soil.

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