MarketingThe Vitality of Digital Marketing for Modern Business Organizations

The Vitality of Digital Marketing for Modern Business Organizations

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In the last decade, one of the biggest changes that have transformed all our lives slowly but surely is the paradigm shift from analog to digital. The usage of the internet becoming more commonplace and widespread has brought in a sea change in consumer behavior, and digital imprints in different aspects of delivery and supply chain management have ensured a rapid transformation of the entire business landscape.

With digitization affecting every aspect of modern businesses in the past few years, the significance of digital marketing has also been increased manifold.

Gone are the days when some unfocused online ad campaigns and a website was all that a business did in the name of digital marketing. The modern online marketing is all about being competitive, unique, and memorable for the target consumers. And, here are the reasons why such investing in such a digital marketing strategy is important for modern businesses.

Reaching the consumers where they are and speaking their language

Reports suggest that there were about 2.95 billion users of social media in 2019 and an average internet user had at least seven social media accounts. 54 percent people use social media to browse products, and this number will increase further when you think of the number of people who never buy anything without checking the reviews first. 

Now, what happens when your digital presence is lacking and your target customers simply find you online? You will simply lose business because the buyers will not consider your products.

Leveling the playing field for the small business organizations

It is easy for a big company to come in with all its resources and power, and simply bulldoze the small ventures lying in its way, to claim the top spot. But, with digital marketing, things aren’t that easy!

It levels the playing field, and with the right techniques, even the small businesses can make their presence felt and get those coveted top ranks on the search engines. You would be surprised to know that many small business ventures have the capacity to keep even a big shot like Amazon on its toes.

Creating highly targeted ad campaigns that get the job done

One of the best things about digital marketing is its ability to launch highly targeted ad campaigns by dissecting huge demographics and segmenting them into useful parts. It helps a brand be super-focused on the types of consumers that it wants to become its loyal buyers. 

For instance, we all start seeing the ads from different brands about gifts and gift vouchers right around the festive season of October-November because eighty percent of marketers use location targeting for their online ads. 

Getting the greatest returns on investments from the campaigns

Did you know that email marketing has an ROI of $44 for each dollar spent? That is the highest ROI ever for any form of marketing. 

There is no denying the fact that having a digital marketing campaign means constant efforts and relentless monitoring, but it is also true that the amount you need to invest in it is lesser than what is needed for the traditional ad campaigns but the returns that you can expect to get is way higher.

Integrating marketing efforts with the growth of mobile technologies

Mobile transactions are expected to grow at a rate of 23.2% in the period between 2019 and 2024. But, it’s not just buying and selling that happens on those smartphones. 

From the product information they look for in your website and the reviews they search online, the customer care services they interact with, to the online orders they place: everything is made possible by mobile technologies. And, it goes without saying that you’ll lose out on a lot if your marketing efforts are not aligned with the mobile tech.

We believe that we have made it amply clear that the businesses in today’s economy need the support of digital marketing to keep their competitive edge. So, what do you need to be a viable resource to the companies in their quest to make the most of the online marketing opportunities? You need to amass the kind of skills and knowledge that makes you a digital marketer par excellence. And, at TimesPro, with our Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing, we are here to help you become exactly that. 


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