Tips to Prepare Your Garden This Fall for Next Spring

Flower and Vegetable Garden Preparation

You can prepare your vegetable or flower garden in the fall so that planting in the spring is much easier. When you take the time to prepare your garden in the fall moisture can soak into the soil and make the soil better for seeds to germinate in the spring. Moisture content is very important for seed germination. Working up your garden in the fall will help germinate seeds better in the spring since the soil will soak up moisture.

Harvest all of the vegetables before you start to prepare your garden. Once fall harvest is complete you need to prepare the garden before the fall freeze comes. If you wait too long to prepare your garden the freeze will make it impossible to work up the soil and you will have to wait until spring to prepare you garden.

Start out by cutting down all of the plants. You can cut the old dead and dieing plants down or you can pull when out of the ground. Put all of the plants you cut down or pull out of the ground into a compost pile. You can also pile the plants into the center of the garden and burn them if you can do it safely. The ashes from the burned plants are good for the soil. Don’t try to burn the garden without making a pile first since the dead plants are hard to burn.

Once you have the plants cut down or pulled out of the garden you can work up the soil with a rototiller or a garden spade. Work the garden up so that the soil is loose and water can soak into the soil.

After you have the weeds pulled and soil worked up you can sit back and wait for spring to come. When spring comes and the frost is out of the soil you can easily spade or till up the soil and plant your seeds. You will need to till up the soil some to break it up from the long winter freeze.

If you don’t prepare your garden in the fall for spring planting the garden can be hard to work up. The soil is compressed from all the rain and snow that winter pours on it and the soil gets hard. Tilling the garden up in the fall will make it easier for you to till up the soil in the spring and planting will be easier.

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