Top 10 Reasons Why Your Server Might Spit in Your Food

As a former food service employee, I have been exposed to the worst kinds of waiters and waitresses. One could not imagine some of the things that these people are capable of! I could never commit any of these unmentionables but I can’t say that customers haven’t made me want to at least cuss them out. If I had known about what these employees were plotting I would have alerted the manager but I never found out until the bragging afterward. Yuck!

Please keep in mind that this is a rare occurrence in my 8 years of experience! Most of us are very patient and tolerant of whatever sort of people we endure. Perhaps you’ll get much better service if you avoid these things I’m about to list.

  1. Leaving your table a mess!
  2. Letting your kids run free as they please! (Don’t you know it’s dangerous?! The child could be in the way and get knocked down or something hot could be spilled on them! Who knows?!)
  3. Ignoring our greeting! How rude! It’s not very nice to respond to hello with something like ” I’ll have ice tea”. Servers are not slaves you know people! Say hi!
  4. Changing your meal order after it has already been turned into the kitchen. That’s why they give you plenty of time to decide before you place the order.
  5. If you are alone, one single diner, don’t sit at a giant table meant for 6 people!! You are taking up our money and available space!! Sit at a single or 2 top!
  6. Men, stop hitting on your waitress!! She’s there to work, not pick updates!
  7. Don’t be demanding! Just ask for something nicely, your server will be happy to get it for you.
  8. Do NOT snap your fingers, whistle, tap your glass, hit the table, or anything that resembles calling an animal to get the attention of your server!! We have a name or a title you can use if you’re not sure.
  9. If you need a whole bunch of stuff like ketchup, sauces, etc., ask your server when they bring your meal. They won’t have to make multiple trips and you will have everything you need!
  10. Leave a tip, people! Geeze! Servers get paid under $3.00 per hour in most cases. They rely on your gratitude. Don’t make them feel like they’re doing a good job and leave them nothing. That’s just plain mean. If they gave you good service and deserve it, give them a nice tip. You’ll be remembered on your next visit for sure!!
James Laress
James is a 28-year-old former health center receptionist who enjoys cycling, cookery and adult coloring books. He is friendly and likes to travel with his friends. He loves to check out the best products in the market that's why he made HuntForBest

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