KitchenUltimate Cookie Cutter Guide for the Best Cookies Ever

Ultimate Cookie Cutter Guide for the Best Cookies Ever

Heart Shaped Cookie Cutter For Valentine’s Day Or Mother’s Day

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A giant heart-shaped cookie cutter is easy to make at home and will save you insanely bloated prices during the holidays. The holidays are the only times these types of cookie cutters are available which is why retailers are able to sell them for ten times as much as they are worth. You can make the giant heart-shaped cookie cutter without any experience or dessert making skills. Surprise your family, friends and especially loved ones with a cookie made entirely from scratch in your very own kitchen.

Remember, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day are not the only times a woman wants a gift and giant sized heart-shaped cookies are not only for women. Men like receiving cookie presents as well. Make the giant-sized cookie cutter for any time of the year including birthday cookie cakes, Wedding Cakes and even an “I Heart Football Season” cake for the sports fan.


  1. Cut the aluminum flashing with the tin snips into a 36-inch long strip that is 1-inch wide. Make sure the flashing is not dented in any way or bows in the wrong places.
  2. Fold this 36-inch strip in half but do not press hard on the fold as you do not want it to stay in a tight fold. If the strip is too hard to manipulate with your hands, use the needle-nose pliers to bend it.
  3. Glue a ¼ inch bit of two opposite ends together using a food-safe adhesive and a hold it with a small clamp. The adhesive should have directions on the package stating how long the glue takes to set, but if it doesn’t assume it is a minute just in case.
  4. Keep pushing until the flashing is the correct size, shape and length of heart you desire for your cookie cutter. The flashing is very thick and hard to bend, so do not worry about it coming undone.
  5. Wash the cookie cutter before using it. It is machine washable and the glue is stable. However, it is best to wash your giant heart-shaped cookie cutter by hand with a washcloth and soap.

Skill Required

  • No Culinary Skill Necessary
  • Easy

Things You’ll Need

  • Aluminum flashing – heavy gauge
  • Tin Snips
  • Ruler for strip width
  • Food-safe adhesive
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Small clamp

If you do not feel the cookie-cutter is keeping the exact shape you had desired when you made it, you can take a strip of flashing and glue it to the sides of the heart with the same food-safe adhesive. You can also use this strip as a sort of handle for pressing and lifting the cookie cutter.

Wedding Cookies and Cookie Cutter Favors As Wedding Decorations

Wedding Cookies and Cookie Cutter Favors As Wedding Decorations
Wedding Cookies and Cookie Cutter Favors As Wedding Decorations

There’s something intriguing about décor that tastes good. Wedding receptions create a fair amount of waste, some of which can be recycled and some of which ends up in the landfill. But if the décor is truly good enough to eat, waste is reduced and guests are delighted.

The simple cookie cutter is a wedding day triple-threat. It makes a useful, fun wedding favor. It creates delectable treats for wedding guests. And it fosters the inventive cookies that transform wedding décor.

Cookie Cutters as Wedding Favors

Clever cookies begin with clever shapes, and cookie-cutters have come a long way since the Animal Cracker cookie took off in 1902.

In recent years, cookie cutters have gained popularity as wedding favors. They provide guests with the promise of goodness, and they last for years. They are as collectible as they are usable, and they make an impressive presentation on reception tables. But their greatest attribute may be their ability to spearhead a broader cookie theme.

Wedding Cookies Are Reception Treats

Cookies are America’s number one dessert. They make the perfect complement to the wedding cake and are sometimes used as a replacement for it. Cookie bars at wedding receptions have obvious appeal. Universally loved treats, in a variety of flavors, please even the most finicky palate.

When ordering cookie cutter wedding favors, you can order extra to give to the baker or to use yourself. A cookie baking party can be a fun pre-wedding get-together for family and friends who want to share in the wedding preparations. Bring the party to life with good drinks and plenty of cookie toppings, and let the partiers show off their creative side. To add a festive finish to the treat, enclose each cookie in a Cellophane bag and tie it with a ribbon.

Cookies that match wedding favors bring those favors to life and provide a visual example of what that favor can do.

Wedding Decorations of the Edible Kind

Cookie cutter styles can enhance wedding themes. From dolphins and starfish for beach weddings to autumn leaves for fall weddings, there’s a cutter that fits the bill. And if you can’t find the shape you really want, one can be custom ordered from specialists found online or at local bakeries, or you can make them yourself from cookie cutter kits.

Creative cookie shapes can be wrapped or unwrapped when used in reception décor. Wrapped cookies can replace some or all of the flowers in a centerpiece or be hung on strands of faux crystal beads to create backdrops. Unwrapped cookies can fill large brandy snifters to add a warm feeling to round reception tables or be placed upon individual paper doilies and stretched across round or rectangular tables, table runner style, to extend festive décor to every guest.

Cookies that match wedding favors can be used virtually anywhere in reception décor, and an announcement that invites guests to “help clean up” by eating the cookies or by taking them home gets the reception tidied up in a hurry.

The Wedding Cookie Cutter Hits the Mark

There’s a reason the simple but hardworking cookie cutter is so popular with children and adults alike. It’s because the smell of fresh-baked cookies has wafted from virtually every kitchen ever built. Cookies have always been, and will always be, a harbinger of sweet comfort.

Clever cookie cutter wedding favors, delicious cookies to eat, and creative cookie displays give brides plenty of wedding reception gift, snack, and décor possibilities. Guests get plenty to appreciate and remember.

Quick and Simple Cookie Cutter Holiday and Christmas Cards

Quick and Simple Cookie Cutter Holiday and Christmas Cards
Quick and Simple Cookie Cutter Holiday and Christmas Cards

Quick and simple cookie cutter holiday and Christmas cards are a great alternative to shop-bought cards. Handmade holiday cards are a great way to show someone that they are being thought about over the holiday season. While very ornate and detailed handmade holiday cards may look great, they can also be time-consuming to make which may not be practical if there are a lot of cards to make.

Making Quick and Simple Cookie Cutter Holiday and Christmas Cards

Cookie cutter cards are quick to make and a versatile form of card making. Cookie cutters are used as templates to make embellishments for handmade holiday and Christmas cards. Any cookie cutter design will work well, however gingerbread men, snowmen, Christmas trees and stars are all good for holidays and Christmas. Bold cookie cutter shapes are easy to cut making this technique suitable for children as well as adults.

This is a simple technique that is ideal for beginner card makers. More experienced cardmakers can develop this technique further to create their own custom cards. Using the cookie cutters for stitching templates, for instance, can be a great way to develop this technique.

Materials Required

  • Holiday cookie cutters
  • Range of plain and decorative papers (this is an ideal project for recycling gift wrap and decorative paper left over from other projects)
  • Glue, scissors and other basic craft supplies
  • Card blanks or piece of cardstock folded in two
  • Embellishments such as glitter or sentiment stickers


  1. Use the cookie cutters to draw shapes onto pieces of decorative paper
  2. Attach these to the greeting card blank with glue
  3. Add further embellishments as required

Design Ideas for Cookie Cutter Holiday Cards

Here are some design ideas to help make these simple handmade holiday cards that little bit extra special:

  • Go for contrast – contrasting colors make a bold statement when it comes to festive card making projects. Red and green for instance, are traditional holiday colors, however, they are also visually striking. Other bold contrasting color schemes include purple and yellow, orange and blue and black and white.
  • Less is more – simple card layouts can look very elegant. Do not try to overcomplicate this technique by crowding the cards with embellishments or images, let the simplicity of the design speak for itself.
  • Recycle – create unusual designs by using recycled paper. Recycled newsprint can look great when cut and stuck onto a black background. Colored magazine pages can also make an interesting alternative to shop-bought decorative paper.
  • Sentiments – add a sentiment or greeting by handwriting on the card or using a special rubber stamp or sticker. An alternative to this is to print the sentiment on a piece of paper and attach this to the card.

These quick and simple cookie cutter holiday cards can be adapted to a wide range of other occasions.

Cookie Cutter Photo Ornaments

Plan to do this kids’ craft at least a week before you want to give away the final projects. You need to mix the salt-and-flour dough the night before creating the ornaments. Then the shapes need to dry for several days before decorating. The actual time spent working on the ornaments is under an hour.

While waiting for the dough to air dry, select or take photos of the child. If giving an ornament to the child’s coach, include a picture of the child in uniform; an ornament to the piano teacher can show the child sitting at the piano.

Kids’ Craft Supplies

The size of the cookie cutters will determine how many ornaments you can make from the following recipe.

  • Two cups flour
  • One-cup salt
  • 2/3 cup water
  • Cookie cutters
  • Permanent markers or acrylic pains
  • Polyurethane spray (optional)
  • Photos

Christmas Crafts for Kids

  1. The night before you make the ornaments, mix the dough. Combine the two cups flour, one-cup salt, and 2/3 cup water. Mix. If necessary, add more water a teaspoon at a time until the mixture is stiff, like pie dough. Allow sitting on the counter overnight.
  2. Roll the dough with a rolling pin until the dough is ¼” thick.
  3. Cut the dough with the cookie cutters. Use a small round cookie cutter or another object that will cut a round hole in the center of each shape. This shape will be for the photograph.
  4. Push a paper clip into the top of each shape so only a loop of wire is visible. This will be the ornament’s hook.
  5. Set the shapes on a wax paper lined cookie sheet. Place someplace where they can air dry for several days without being disturbed. After a couple of days, gently lift the shapes and turn them over so both sides can dry.
  6. When completely dry (you won’t see any dark damp spots), decorate both sides of the shapes with permanent markers or acrylic paints. Allow the paint to dry.
  7. If desired, spray the decorated shapes with polyurethane to seal the ornament.
  8. Glue the photograph to a piece of paper that complements the color of the ornament.
  9. Apply glue around the edges of the hole on the back of each shape. Glue the photograph in place.
  10. Tie a ribbon through the paperclip to hang each ornament.

This personalized ornament is a kids’ craft that is easy to make and gives the recipient a memento of the child. Although parents and kids can give this as a Christmas ornament, it can also become a Valentine’s Day gift, or Easter craft to share.

Make Your Own Cookie Cutters

Your child wants cookies the shape of the latest cartoon craze but you can’t find them anywhere or you don’t want to pay ten dollars for one cookie cutter. Often, a lot of time is wasted searching party stores and craft stores when the answer is right in front of you. The easiest and cheapest way to appease your child is to make a cookie cutter from scratch in exactly the shape desired.

It is an easy process with very simple tools. You simply need to have a picture of the item you want to turn into a cookie cutter. This process can also help to create regular cookie cutters such as stars and Christmas trees.

The Essentials for Making a Cookie Cutter

The first thing you need to do is gather the materials needed for making your own cookie cutter. You need to get a high gauge aluminum flashing. It is best to get a good amount when you purchase the flashing. This is not only because mistakes do happen when we first try to learn a new hobby. Also, once you have mastered cookie cutter creation, you will want to make more.

You’ll need a picture of the object or toy to use as a base for making the cookie cutter. You’ll also need twine, scissors or tin snips, a pencil, needle-nose pliers, food-safe adhesive and a small clamp.

Set your chosen picture on the table and place the twine along all the edges of the picture. Make sure you hit every edge at every angle so that you have exactly the right measurements for the cookie cutter. Cut the twine when it has covered the entire edge of the picture. Put the cut twine next to the aluminum flashing and mark it where it ends. Cut the flashing using the scissors. Some higher gauged flashing will be too thick to be cut with scissors, in this case, use the tin snips to cut the flashing. Cut the flashing you have just measured into a strip that is 1 inch wide.

Start Shaping the Cookie Cutter

  1. Use the picture as a guide to where you need to bed the flashing to make it into the correct cookie cutter. You can use the picture as a base for the cookie cutter by sight or by bending the flashing along the edges like you did with the twine.
  2. Bend the flashing carefully, as it will stay the way you bend it and leave bows and curves, where the bends were made, if it is changed.
  3. Once the entire edging of the picture is done, glue the two ends of the flashing together. Fold the ends over with the needle-nose pliers and crimp them together. Clamp the end to hold it together until the adhesive dries. This will probably take a few minutes to an hour, but check the package and follow the manufacturer’s directions.
  4. Wash the cookie cutter with soap and warm water before using it. It can be washed in a dishwasher just like any other utensil.
  5. When shopping for the items needed, make sure to ask the proprietor for food-safe aluminum and adhesive.

Cookie Cutter Crafts – Low Cost, Quick and Easy Craft Ideas

Cookie cutters are a versatile and low cost piece of crafting equipment and can be used in many craft projects. As well as using cookie cutters to cut out shapes from materials such as salt dough, air dry clay and polymer clay, cookie cutters are also perfect to use as templates.

Using Cookie Cutters in Crafts

There are many ways to use cookie cutters in crafts. Here are a few ideas:

  • Make ornaments – ornaments and decorations for any occasion are quick and easy to make using cookie cutters as a template. Simply pick an appropriately shaped cookie cutter and use this to cut shapes from air-dry clay or polymer clay. The cookie cutter can also be used as a template to cut shapes from thick card, craft foam and shrink plastic. Decorate the shapes with paints, marker pens, glitter, stickers or other adornments before attaching a ribbon so the handmade decorations and ornaments can be displayed.
  • Small pillows – use a cookie cutter as a template to cut two pieces of felt to make small pillows, such as lavender pillows, pin cushions and fragrant ornaments. Felt and other non-fraying material is ideal for sewing by hand and this is a great beginners sewing project for adults as well as children.
  • Stencils – cookie cutters also make great stencils. Firmly hold the cookie cutter onto a piece of paper or fabric and use a sponge to dab color into the cookie cutter. Alternatively, use the cookie cutter as a mask and dab color around the outside.
  • Greeting cards and scrapbooking – a cookie cutter makes a great template for a handmade greeting card. Pick a themed cookie cutter to make a card for a specific occasion or celebration. Use the cookie cutter as a shape template to make paper embellishments for scrapbook page

Other Ways of Using Cookie Cutters in Crafts

There are many other innovative ways to use cookie cutters in crafts. This project from Martha Stewart uses the actual cookie cutters as small frames – Cookie Cutter Ornaments.

Buying Cookie Cutters for Crafts

Any cookie cutter can be used in crafts, however once used in crafting projects it is best to keep the cookie cutter dedicated for craft use only. Cookie cutters are readily available from stores, however they are also often found in thrift stores, garage sales and sold second-hand on online auction sites such as eBay. One of the benefits if cookie cutters is that they are available in a wide variety of shapes and many of these are themed to holidays and occasions.

Christmas Cookie Cutters Online: Make Gingerbread Men, Reindeer, Snowman, Stand-Up Cookies

No Christmas baker would let the season pass without creating plates full of decorated holiday sugar cookies and gingerbread men and women. Collect an assortment of traditional and inventive cookie cutters by shopping these online stores.

Stand-Up Cookie Cutters

These bell, star, tree, snowman, reindeer, and angel cookie cutters at HearthSong will make your cookies stand up and get noticed. All in one set, the six designs have two parts that, when cut out of cookie dough, fit together to make a three-dimensional Christmas cookie. Price: $15.99 (sale); shipping is $6.95.

Kitchen Kapers offers a great price on plastic cookie cutters that create three-dimensional characters from the movie Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. The set includes cookie cutters to make stand-up versions of eight characters, including Rudolph, a reindeer, Bumble, Santa, Sam the Snowman, Yukon Cornelius, Hermey the elf and Santa’s sleigh. Store the cookie cutters in the house-shaped box included with the set. Price: $9.99 (sale), shipping, $5.50.

Padded Christmas Cookie Cutters

For bakers who churn out dozens and dozens of cut-out cookies each holiday season, Wilton saves your fingers with a collection of traditional stainless steel cookie cutters with a cushioned grip. The padded top also gives extra stability for cutting into foods other than cookies, such as brownies, biscuits, sandwiches, sheet cakes, cheese, crispy treats and fudge. The Christmas and winter holiday comfort-grip cutters include a snowman, Christmas tree, gingerbread boy and star. Size: approximately 4-by-4-by-1-3/4 inches deep. Price: $2.99 each; shipping starts at $7.

Traditional Metal Cookie Cutters

The H.O. Foose Tinsmithing Co. makes more than 700 tin cookie cutters by hand, including dozens for Christmas cookies. Choose an angel, tree, bell, cross, or candy cane shape for your cookies, or get more adventurous with a running gingerbread boy or a leaping reindeer. The large (5-inch) ornament shaped cutters ($1.50 each) can also double as tools to cut out salt dough decorations for your Christmas tree. Can’t find the design you want? The Foose company also sells a cookie cutter crafting kit for $19.95 that includes everything you need (aluminum strips, adhesive, tools) to make your own cookie cutters. Shipping starts at $7.95.

Plastic Christmas Cookie Cutters

Solid plastic cookie cutters with stamped designs create ready-to-decorate cookies and easy salt-dough ornaments. Leave unfrosted or simply pipe frosting using the indents from the cookie cutter as a guide. Cookie Craft sells three sets of Christmas cookie cutters, each with 12 individual cutters. Price: $8 per set; shipping is $5.50.

Needle Felted Cookie Cutter Christmas Ornaments: Make Homemade Christmas Decorations with Wool and a Felting Needle

A cookie cutter needle felted ornament is one of the easiest and quickest Christmas crafts to make this holiday season. They are fun for adults and easy enough for children ages 9 or up to make (with careful adult supervision, since felting needles are extremely sharp.)

Start with a cookie cutter in a Christmas shape: star, Santa, snowman, Christmas tree, gingerbread man, or any other holiday shape you have in your cookie cutter collection. The cookie cutter will be the pattern for your Christmas ornament.

Using a cookie cutter not only eliminates the steps of drawing and cutting out a template for your ornament, it also makes the needle felting easier by holding the wool roving in place while you work.

Supply List for Needle-Felted Cookie Cutter Christmas Ornament

  • Cookie cutter
  • Wool roving in Christmas colors
  • Felting needle
  • Piece of 2″ thick, dense foam, about 10” x 12” (25cm x 30cm)
  • (Optional) Embellishments for your ornament: perle cotton thread, yarn, scraps of Christmas fabric, beads, glitter glue, etc.
  • Hole-making tool: small finish nail or awl
  • Yarn, thin wire, ribbon or cord to make an ornament hanger

Step-by-Step Instructions for Needle Felting a Cookie Cutter Christmas Ornament

  1. With the cookie cutter on the foam pad, lay wool roving inside the cutter so it fills the entire shape. Fold the wool to fit as needed so it covers the entire area of the cookie cutter. If you want to make a thick ornament, you can save your colored roving by using a thin layer of colored wool on the bottom, a layer of uncolored wool batting in the middle, and another layer of colored roving on top. You can also blend different colors of wool by simply laying them next to each other. The felting needle will combine them for you.
  2. Keeping the cookie cutter in place on the pad, poke the felting needle up and down all over the wool until the fibers compress into a thick felted pad. Pay special attention to points and edges. Hold the needle so it goes into the wool straight up and down, not at an angle. The point of the felting needle is very sharp, so watch your fingers!
  3. The wool will stick to the foam pad as you felt. Periodically remove the cookie cutter and gently pull the felted shape from the foam pad to inspect it. If any areas look too thin, replace the cookie cutter around the shape and add more roving. Use the felting needle to blend the new wool with the old.
  4. Once you have the basic shape felted, remove the cookie cutter. Use contrasting colors of wool roving to add details and embellishments such as eyes and buttons on a snowman or ornaments and garlands on a Christmas tree.
  5. (Optional) embellish the ornament with hand stitches, beads, fabric, or glitter glue. When you embellish, leave a bare spot at the top of the ornament to make a hole for hanging the ornament.
  6. Pierce a hole with your hole-making tool at the top of the ornament. Work the sharp point carefully through the wool, then wiggle the tool until the hole is as large as you want.
  7. Thread wire, yarn, cord, or ribbon through the hole and shape it into a loop.

Needle felting is a wonderful way to make unique Christmas ornaments and homemade Christmas decorations. The ornaments can be made small enough to tuck into an envelope with your Christmas cards. Why not make a cookie cutter ornament this year for everyone on your Christmas list?

Needle Felted Cookie Cutter Valentine Heart: Create a Homemade Valentine Gift with Wool and a Felting Needle

These perfectly shaped valentine hearts take just a few minutes to make, and can be used in any number of ways:

  • Valentine cards
  • Small valentine necklace
  • Children’s valentine wand
  • Heart-shaped appliqué for greeting cards, postcards, quilts, purses, or other accessories

Using a cookie cutter for a template means you don’t need to draw or cut out a pattern for the heart. The cookie cutter also holds the wool in place for felting and protects your fingers from the needle while you work. Children ages 9 or up can make them, but only with careful adult supervision, since felting needles are very sharp.

Supply List for Needle-Felted Cookie Cutter Christmas Ornament

  • Felting needle
  • Heart-shaped cookie cutter like the one shown in Photo #1 at the bottom of the page.
  • Wool roving in reds, whites, or pinks
  • Piece of 2″ thick, dense foam, about 10” x 12” (25cm x 30cm)
  • (Optional) Embellishments: embroidery thread, perle cotton, ribbon, yarn, scraps of pink, red, or white fabric, beads, glitter glue, etc.
  • (Optional) Small finish nail or awl to make a hole in the heart for hanging
  • (Optional) Yarn, thin wire, ribbon or cord to make an ornament hanger

Step-by-Step Instructions for Needle Felting a Cookie Cutter Valentine Heart

  1. With the cookie cutter on the foam pad, lay wool roving inside the cutter so it fills the whole shape. Fold the wool as needed to make it fit and cover thin areas. To make a very thick heart, put a thin layer of colored wool on the bottom, a layer of undyed wool batting in the middle, and another layer of colored roving on top. This conserves the more expensive colored wool. You can also blend colors by simply laying different colors next to each other, or stretching one piece of wool very thin and felting it on top of another color. The felting needle will combine the colors for you.
  2. Holding the cookie cutter on the pad, poke the felting needle up and down all over until the wool compresses into a thick layer. Be careful of your fingers – felting needles are very sharp.
  3. As you felt, the wool will stick to the foam pad. Every so often, remove the cookie cutter and gently detach the felted heart from the foam pad. If any areas look too skimpy, add more wool and replace the cookie cutter around the shape. Felt the new wool into the old.
  4. Once you have the basic shape felted, remove the cookie cutter.
  5. (Optional) If you’d like to hang the heart on a necklace or as an ornament, use a nail or awl to poke a hole through the wool at the top center point of the heart. Work the point through the wool, then wiggle the point to enlarge the hole to the size you want.
  6. (Optional) Embellish the ornament with embroidery, beads, fabric, or glue.
  7. (Optional) Thread wire, yarn, cord, or ribbon through the hole to make a hanger for the heart.
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