KitchenUsing your Kitchen Appliances Safely

Using your Kitchen Appliances Safely

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Safety in the kitchen should be a paramount concern. Sadly, there are many instances wherein homeowners fail to pay attention on how to ensure that their appliances are safe. The most important thing that you should do is to make sure that you choose your kitchen appliances wisely.

While it may be tempting to choose one with the cheapest price, this should never be the case. More often than not, this can lead to compensating quality and safety.



We have a lot to be thankful for the person who invented dishwashers. They make our lives a lot easier since washing the dishes would no longer require too much time and effort. Nonetheless, while they can be a big help in the kitchen, they can also prove to be a hazard in ways more than one.

When the dishwasher is already old, when the dishes are stacked in the wrong way, or when there is an overflowing as caused by excessive food, your kitchen can be in danger. With such being said, the following are some of the things that can be done:

  • Make sure to wash only dishes that are classified as dishwasher-safe
  • Read the manual carefully to be familiar with its proper use and how to act when problems occur
  • Never operate the dishwasher unattended
  • Occasionally inspect the wiring, especially those that are hidden from sight
  • Make sure that dishes are stacked properly

Microwave Ovens

Microwave Ovens
Microwave Ovens


I am one of the many people who do not like eating anything that is not hot or warm. Whether it is a leftover pizza from the night before or a pasta taken out after an Italian lunch out, I always find the microwave oven to be handy.

Aside from such, there are also many recipes that I can do easily with the use of my microwave oven. However, it is also one of the most overused appliances in the kitchen and one that can pose significant hazards. If they malfunction or if they are misused, they can be a fire risk.

In order to make sure that these hazards will be minimized, the following are some of the things that should be done:

  • Make sure that the door of the microwave oven is properly closed before it operates. Do not use the microwave oven if the door is damaged in any way.
  • Aluminum foil and metal pans should never be used in the microwave because they can damage the oven and affect its safety. Generally speaking, you can use ceramic, glass, and plastic, but make sure as well that they are labeled as safe for microwave use.
  • Place the microwave where it can be easily seen even from afar, which will make it possible to spot if a fire is already starting.
  • After every use, clean up spills and any leftovers from the inside of the microwave
  • If the microwave is damaged, never have it used until it has been fully repaired.


Freezers and fridges are ranked as amongst the most significant fire hazards in the kitchen. More often than not, fire starts because of not following the instructions of the manufacturer, especially with its installation.

The wrong location of the refrigerator in the kitchen can also make it a risk. Danger can also emanate from moving the refrigerator from one place to another. Also, water can possibly pool in a certain portion and reach the electrical system of the refrigerator, which can be another fire hazard.

The following are some of the things that can be done to ensure the safety of refrigerators:

  • Have it installed in a place that is safe and that does not get wet
  • Avoid frequently moving the refrigerator
  • Always clean the refrigerator, not only the inside but even the outside and the surrounding places where it can be found
  • Make sure that children do not play around the fridge

Electric Stove

Electric Stove

In many modern homes of today, the traditional gas range is no longer existent. Instead, it is replaced with innovative electric stoves, which are known to be more efficient and safe. Nonetheless, even if it is already considered to be a safe alternative, it is still of utmost importance to be careful with its use. It is chosen by many because it is easy to clean and fairly easy to install.

Above all, it is important to choose a brand that has already built a solid reputation in the market, even if it commands a slightly higher price. The following are some of the things that should be done to be assured of its safety:

  • Use only cooking pans and pots that are labeled as being safe for use in electric stoves
  • As much as possible, stay in the kitchen while the stove is being used
  • Use technologically-advanced accessories, such as Stove Guard, which will automatically stop your stove from operating if it is unable to detect movement within a specified period of time


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