GardeningWhere to Find Unique Garden Decor for Free

Where to Find Unique Garden Decor for Free

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If you are wondering where to find unique garden décor for free, you must look no further. This article will provide you with several ideas on where to find unique and free garden décor no matter where you live.

Get it Before the Trash Man Does

A great way to find all sorts of unique and free garden décor is to check the local sidewalks right before garbage day. Every town has certain days for garbage collection. Many people will throw away all sorts of great items for your garden. Old bed frames are wonderful fences or trellises and old chairs can support flower pots or add places for vines to grow on. Old pots, dressers, and shelves can be found for free in the garbage. These unique items can be planted in or around for useful garden décor.

Shop Smartly

When doing your everyday shopping consider what the products you buy come with. Packaging can be useful garden décor items. Many products can be purchased in baskets, and baskets make lovely garden décor items. Wire, glass bottles, and different plastic items can be decorative and useful. When shopping, remember to examine the waste that will come with your purchase, and choose items that are packaged in materials you can use in your garden for free décor.

Check Local Lumber Stores

Many local lumber stores will have a box where they put wood scraps that can not be used. All sorts of interesting pieces of wood can be found in these bins. Check with your local lumber store or home improvement store about this type of situation. You can find all sorts of items to place randomly around your garden for free and unique décor.

Go out into Nature

Mother nature is an incredible artist, and she knows more about garden décor than we could imagine. Go out into nature for a hike, and you will find all sorts of beautiful rocks, tree branches, and nature items that can easily add to your garden décor. Black walnuts can be used as a border, pieces of drift wood or dead trees can make an interesting addition to your garden. Try balancing several unique rocks on top of each other for free garden intrigue.

These unique garden décor ideas are free and easily found. There is no excuse to let your garden go undecorated; so get out, and get yourself some free garden décor.


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